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Synonyms for prodigious

Synonyms for prodigious

Synonyms for prodigious

so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe

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of momentous or ominous significance


far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree

References in classic literature ?
Doctor Cacaphodel, the alchemist, returned to his laboratory with a prodigious fragment of granite, which he ground to powder, dissolved in acids, melted in the crucible, and burned with the blow-pipe, and published the result of his experiments in one of the heaviest folios of the day.
This thing was of prodigious strength, so that it erected or overthrew the mightiest empires at a breath; but its powers were exercised equally for evil and for good.
KARACHI -- A signing ceremony was held between NBP Aitemaad Islamic Banking and EFU Hemaya marking the commencement of a new chapter in the Shariah compliant market and a mean of strategically penetrating through the industry that has witnessed prodigious growth
Publicis Groupe announces today that all the brands of Publicis Groupe Production Platforms, its production pole, are changing their name to Prodigious and simultaneously launches brand logisticsTM, an innovative brand asset production offering.
He has everything anyone could wish for and a lot more besides - immense wealth, a successful wife, a lovely son and prodigious talent and yet somehow it's not enough.
He composed 16 throughout his prodigious his prodigious career, many with lead roles for his muse and life partner, tenor Peter Pears (1910-1986).
LOCH Ken is capable of producing excellent sport and some prodigious weights.
LADBROKES have been long known as shrewdies to look out for in the Pricewise tables, but surely they showed extraordinary perception in going just 3-1 about Prodigious in the Betfred Laurels heats on Thursday when 10-1 was freely available elsewhere.
David Eyzenberg, president, Prodigious Capital Advisors, LLC, who grew up in Starrett City, speculated that the new owners might also find attempts to develop the vacant parcels hindered by the city and state.
It is sobering to reflect on the fact that everything Comper sought to create in his designs, drawing upon his prodigious scholarship, is no longer thought to be of any importance by the contemporary Church of England: refinement, learning, and liturgical traditions have all been abandoned in favour of a wet, nauseating, and vulgar populism that is as repulsive as it is destructive.
Marvin Walker wants to make the most of his seven-foot, six-inch heigh and prodigious basketball skills to finance a college degree and even win a spot on the NBA.
By studying newly identified museum specimens, Muchhala found that the prodigious tongue attaches within a tube of tissue that originates in the bat's chest between the sternum and the heart and extends to the back of the mouth.
The book's breadth is impressive, but beyond her prodigious research, it's Nicholas's eye for detail, her insight and sense of balance and proportion, that make the book a treasure.
Former students recall her prodigious knowledge of all kinds of dance, and her powerful and by turns gentle or fearsome presence.
Always smiling, with a prodigious memory for names and faces, he was also in his own way the chief salesman for the manufacturer, now seen as a leader in regional airline activity.