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Synonyms for prodigal

Synonyms for prodigal

characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

a person who spends money or resources wastefully

Synonyms for prodigal

a recklessly extravagant consumer

recklessly wasteful

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She would put out fat for all the various woodpeckers and the Prodigals would be Johnny-on-the-spot, taking opportunity of some of that.
Basic question: Who has identified the proposed prodigals as authentic?
23 /PRNewswire/ -- New York's THE PRODIGALS will be releasing WHISKEY ASYLUM: Select Prodigals Tracks 1999-2009 in the upcoming year; there will be an advance release concert in Ohio at the LC Pavilion, a 2,500-seat venue in Columbus, OH on New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2008.
Austen's rejection of a simplistic acceptance of the claim to reformation is sensible, although Richard Helgerson made a similar argument in The Elizabethan Prodigals (1976), where he deftly explored the relations between biography, fiction and popular cultural narratives.
Seventies rock group Firefall, Latin jazz percussionist Poncho Sanchez, jazz group Spyro Gyra and Irish rock group The Prodigals will be among the entertainment Saturday and Sunday at the festival at Lancaster City Park, 43011 10th St.
Continuing the theme of parents and prodigals, La Casa de Bernarda Alba condensed the original 1936 play by Federico Garcia Lorca into a one-act archetypal struggle.
The Prodigals tells the story of a colonel's unconditional love for his two sons - Mike, an army captain battling to destroy opium poppy fields in Afghanistan; and Kyle, a self-destructive rock star fuelling his band's gigs with heroin.
The 20-year-old from Pentyrch, Cardiff, was confirmed to star in new musical The Prodigals, to play at the festival throughout August at the Gilded Balloon venue.
The Prodigals show a unique balance between the continuity of a powerful personal voice, and the avid exploration that has defined the band from the beginning.
Latin jazz percussionist Poncho Sanchez, jazz group Spyro Gyra, Celtic-rock band The Prodigals and country groups New West and Pinmonkey are the headline entertainers.
Two tracks by the Prodigals, The Open Reel and Bunch of Red Roses, will be featured in a pivotal scene in New Line Cinema's "Pride and Glory," scheduled for release in theaters across the country on Friday, October 24.
Along the way, these kind-of-heroic prodigals could earn themselves something like the gift of faith.
Directed by Joe Harmston said: "We are so pleased to be opening The Prodigals at the Belgrade.
The Prodigals BELGRADE THEATRE, COVENTRY FORMER X Factor contestant Sarah Watson, who has been cast in the new Belgrade musical The Prodigals, led a street dance workshop at a city secondary school.
They counted themselves as being "in" with the Father and regarded Gentiles, Jewish tax collectors, and sinners, as outcast prodigals, who did not follow the Torah, were departed from God's domain, and were estranged from the blessings of Israel.