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Therefore, the theory was replaced by another one: ter Borch depicted a brothel scene in which the woman seen [from] the back is a prostitute, the other woman the procuress, and the soldier a customer who's holding up a coin to pay for her services.
Her role in the composition plays visually on the prostitute's role in the popular genre theme of the procuress.
The question of just how the spitting enhances her seeming virtue and beauty aside, Thais adds that her procuress, posing as her mother, furthered the deception of her chastity by pretending to shoo away her suitors from the window, where Thais would appear bedecked in gorgeous clothes that bared her arms, the better to view her excellent skin.
Bassanio's depreciation of Portia parallels the "demotion" that the Virgin Mary suffered during the Reformation, to a common procuress willing to intercede on anyone's behalf.
Table 2 Means and Standard Deviations (SD) of Composite Aesthetic Evaluations for Camera Obscura and Non-Camera Obscura Paintings in Experiment 1 Painting title Camera obscura use Mean SD The Procuress No 3.
For some, like Mary Crawford, as I think Austen suggests, there is also a sexual motive, the frisson of the pander or the procuress who participates in the mating she promotes.
More conservative editors have described Hearst's paper "as a chamber of horrors, a procuress, a brothel, a criminal, a moral disease, a rattlesnake, and a licentious vulgarian without example in the history of journalism," and Whyte takes some pains to explain the efforts that have been made over the years to measure sensationalism--a highly subjective concept.
They note that in the first plate of A Harlots Progress (1732), Moll Hackabout's cousin fails to meet her when she arrives in London from the country by the York stagecoach and thus she is taken up by Mother Needham, a notorious procuress, who notices the pretty girl.
lubricity, wenching, whoredom, concubinage (in the sense of mistress), debauchee, trollop, phyrne, slut, street-walker, strumpet, trull, cyprian, courtezan, adulteress, bawd, jade, jezebel, delilah, bitch, aspasia, conciliatrix, bona roba, chere amie, whore, lorette, mackerell, mistress, procuress, punk, quean, rig, satyr, whore-monger, badnio, badhouse, brothel, bawdy house.
So discreet was Gerard Terborch's picture of a middle-aged man's bargaining with a procuress for a young harlot's favours that it is still known as The Parental Admonition (Berlin Gemaldegalerie).
Similarly, an angry group of spectators killed Mother Needham, an infamous procuress, when she was put in the pillory in 1730, and in the same year Colonel Charteris--a notorious whore monger who was popularly dubbed "the Rape-Master General of Great Britain"--was attacked and beaten by the mob when spotted in Chelsea with two young women.
Although more than any of his contemporaries Vermeer saw poetry in everyday activities (The Lacemaker, The Procuress, The Milkmaid), his characters had an air of introspection and seemed to be engaged in more than the activities themselves.
Todos los Santos, the worldly wise procuress who prays regularly to Jesus, collects a menagerie of animals, and treats Sayonara like a daughter, is one of the most engaging characters in the book.
In the meantime, Huang Renrui asks for Laocan's help in releasing the younger of the two call-girls, Cuihuan [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], who even seems to be more sensitive to culture than Huang, from the clutches of a cruel procuress because Huang himself does not wish to take any action that might jeapordize his official career.