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Synonyms for procurer

someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

someone who obtains or acquires


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Two days after McDaniel's office filed the complaint in Pulaski County Circuit Court, chiropractors Heath Lenox of Little Rock and Daniel Scott Morris of North Little Rock stopped using Pleasant and his companies as procurers, according to the registration record that the chiropractic board started to keep last August.
Il a ete concu afin de procurer aux diplomes de niveau postsecondaire du Nord de l'Ontario une experience de travail enrichissante dans de petites et moyennes entreprises actives dans deux des domaines strategiques de FedNor: l'innovation et la connectivite.
In ``Auto Focus,'' Dafoe plays John Carpenter, the video technician and procurer to sex-addicted ``Hogan's Heroes'' star Bob Crane.
The power procurer, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Co.
The Gondolier's machinations as procurer, the Artisan's manufacture of a defective product, the Captain's soldiering for ambition, the Actress's performance as prostitute, the Alchemist's experiments for gain all represent violations of craft.
For `The House of Marcus Lycus' "--in which the local procurer presents his array of courtesans to Pseudolus, the bustling comic whirlwind of a central character portrayed by Nathan Lane--"each lady gets a real showcase.
Despite the lack of a rigid hierarchy, members typically fall into one of several roles - leader, check procurer, counterfeiter, information broker, or check passer.
J'ai commence d'abord par procurer un lieu d'entrainement pour les athletes et l'equiper par le materiel pedagogique.
Des jeunes s'aventurent a prendre le tram sans se procurer un ticket.
De son cote, Ajaccio a empoche un point precieux et confirme son bon resultat contre Lorient (1-0) Les Marseillais avaient decide cette semaine de travailler leur efficacite devant le but, encore faut-il se procurer des occasions, ce qui a ete plutot rare face aux Corses.
NORTHUMBERLAND livestock procurer Stephen Kirkup put his expertise to good use as a judge at the Royal Highland Winter Fair 2012.
Most weapons were shipped to Sri Lanka directly to rebel controlled areas and the chief arms procurer for the rebels, Kumaran Padmanathan, was arrested in 2009 in Malaysia.
Chairman Bernard Allen said: "The State is the largest procurer of legal services with an estimated EUR500million paid out annually.
Currently, Fujitsu is the third-largest Japanese procurer of Taiwan-made ICT products.
Oman Power and Water Procurer Company in coordination with electricity distribution companies and government agencies prepare and update annual statement for the next seven years.