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Synonyms for procure

Synonyms for procure

to come into possession of

Synonyms for procure

get by special effort

arrange for sexual partners for others


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Questions arise as to the degree of care taken by those responsible arresting and charging him with Attempting to Procure Murder.
Before Yardi Procure to Pay, PRG needed 16 file cabinets to store paper invoices.
Minister Gonul said that the Committee decided to procure cargo helicopters from the U.
As support services, these laboratories have established libraries and documentation centers on their premises and procure all sorts of document sources in support of their work.
Annual spends are in excess of US$18 billion when aggregated with Cendant and other users of Procure Sure.
Physicians at ProCure Centers in Oklahoma City, Warrenville, Ill.
The ProCure 21/21+ Framework provides a process of procuring and constructing healthcare facilities through a partnering arrangement with a number of contracted Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs).
Since opening in July 2009, ProCure has treated patients from 29 states and 11 countries.
The Command has streamlined procedures for moving most domestic freight and fuels under an initiative known as Tailored Transportation Contracts and substantially revamped the way the military procures domestic freight services.
For Noel, it was a video he found online featuring Frank Mackinson, a cancer survivor and the first patient treated at ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, N.
After adopting Yardi Voyager as its property management and accounting platform, real estate investment and management firm Sanders Equities LLC is now looking to automate its accounts payable process by adding Yardi Procure to Pay to the system.
Indian armed forces, which are on a massive modernisation drive, have decided to procure and induct over 1,000 choppers for different requirements over the next five to 10 years.
In the typical brokerage transaction, the broker is employed by the seller to procure a buyer ready, willing and able to purchase or lease the seller's property on terms acceptable to the seller.
In addition, the contractor will also procure and configure hardware suites to support FSS software installations as required.
William Hartsell, medical director of the CDH Proton Center, A ProCure Center, in Warrenville, Ill.