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Synonyms for procurable

capable of being obtained or used

Synonyms for procurable

capable of being obtained

References in classic literature ?
It happened that she made by far the finest cocktail procurable in that large city where drink-mixing on the part of the foreign population was indeed an art.
The Master Crummleses had no sooner swallowed the last procurable morsel of food, than they evinced, by various half-suppressed yawns and stretchings of their limbs, an obvious inclination to retire for the night, which Smike had betrayed still more strongly: he having, in the course of the meal, fallen asleep several times while in the very act of eating.
Reservoirs firmly fixed contained water and the necessary provisions; and fire and light were procurable by means of gas, contained in a special reservoir under a pressure of several atmospheres.
At another, which looks like a backway to somewhere else, but is an independent building in itself, oysters are procurable in every style.
2 Clw Intends To Split The Procurable Quantity On More Than One Approved Source.
But the carmaker later said it will resume operation of the plant Monday as parts are now procurable.