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having stems that trail along the ground without putting down roots

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The characters diagnostic of Duabanga wood are: diffuse, predominantly solitary vessels (multiples occasionally up to 3) that are fewer, larger, and longer than in Sonneratia; abundant axial paratracheal aliform parenchyma; commonly biseriate, strongly heterogeneous rays with erect and square to procumbent cells with crystals; and non-septate fibers.
mexicana procumbent didehydrofalcarcinol (Asceraceae) Amphotericin B L.
these rays are homo-cellular or hetero-cellular with occasional upright cells interspersed amongst the procumbent cells.
Oxalis micrantha Bojko, Oxalis repens Thunberg, Xanthoxalis corniculata Small English: Yellow wood-sorrel, Creeping wood-sorrel, Creeping oxalis, Creeping lady's sorrel, Procumbent yellow-sorrel 21 Bacopa monnieri (L.
3); one pair of slender uroneurals; three epurals; a free parhypural; three thin supraneurals, generally straight; two supernumerary spines on first dorsal pterygiophore; no procumbent spines (spurs); thin Y-shaped basisphenoid, free from parasphenoid and prootics; neurocranium with frontal tabs similar to Vincentia Castelnau, 1872 (Fraser 1972: pl 31); supramaxilla absent; posttemporal smooth or with 1-3 small serrae on posterior margin; preopercle with 2-3 small, widely spaced serrae near angle, ridge smooth; infraorbitals smooth; infraorbital shelf present on third bone; ring of scleral cartilage, no ossification present; 7 branchiostegals; ceratohyal notched, suture smooth with epihyal; urohyal with short anterior process.
The detailed morphological study of the cranial remains of Lluc showed that, together with the modern anatomical features that characterized the family Hominidae, and which permit to consider it a member of this family, it displays a set of primitive features, such as thick dental enamel, teeth with globulous cusps, very robust mandible and very procumbent premaxilla, which are primitive features that characterize a group of primitive hominoids from the African Middle Miocene, known as afropithecids.
Perennial, bulb and groundcover plantings, however, can benefit from additional depth of snow cover as their growth is below ground or sufficiently procumbent so as to enjoy the increase in snow mulch.