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Synonyms for procreative

of or relating to reproduction

Synonyms for procreative

producing new life or offspring

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Further, Capell and Lester (1945:177), surveying all the Fijian material available to them at the time they wrote, report expressions they translate as 'distant kinsman' and 'distant kinswoman,' and these seem to pertain to people who are not procreatively or affinally close.
69) On the other hand, procreatively responsible acts of periodic abstinence--according to right reason of virtue and the full truth of marriage (70)--elevate and integrate the sexual urge into the order of moral and theological virtue that governs the morality of human acts.
After all, was not Leah the elder sister, the first wife of Jacob, and procreatively speaking, the main builder of the house of Israel?
Then an industrial accident leaves one of his dumber workers, shall we say, procreatively challenged, and Joel's business in lawsuit jeopardy.
73) Requiring that both genders be represented within the marital unit is one example of a procreatively focused policy that loses its purpose when the procreation-protective rationale is removed.