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Synonyms for procrastinator

Synonyms for procrastinator

someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness)

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According to Dr Steel, "One in four people would describe themselves as a chronic procrastinator, while over half the population would describe themselves as frequent.
Primary Analysis: Self and Other Identified Procrastinator Profile
Investigators have depicted procrastinators as lazy or self-indulgent individuals who are unable to self-regulate (Ferrari, 2001; Tuckman & Sexton, 1989).
Procrastinators usually avoid revealing information about their abilities, prefer menial tasks, make poor time estimates, tend to focus on the past, and do not act on their intentions.
Wittman of Worcester, who described herself as a procrastinator, also said she had no plans to delay filing.
Seriously, I am a potterer, and I am a procrastinator as well.
Deadlines must be introduced to counter the inner procrastinator in all of us, and Silard presents other suggestions and data for readers to best understand how to align themselves with their vision and move towards that goal.
Ah yes, the motto of a true procrastinator and one with which I have a lot of sympathy.
While waiting to mail my taxes at the post office Tuesday -- yes, I am a procrastinator -- I spotted a cardboard box dispensing small plastic envelopes that you can use to recycle cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, ink jet cartridges and other small electronics.
The Procrastinator, a desktop doodle pad, has turned time-wasting into an art form.
So, what's a procrastinator to do to shake the bad habits?
As a confirmed procrastinator who didn't get around to sending a check until after-expire, I saw the entire New Yorker series and found a lot to like but also a few things to carp about.
As the hundreds of drawings he's done demonstrate, the procrastinator can indeed be prolific, the creative genius vulnerable in his attempts to live up to his own reputation.
On the total self-regulation score, significant differences in the expected order were found between all three procrastinator groups.