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Synonyms for prolapse

slip or fall out of place, as of body parts

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In a study done by Guthrie and Bache, the thirty-two surgeons offer no explanation for the infrequent association of carcinoma of the cervix with complete procidentia.
Internal procidentia of the rectum: treatment and results.
Per vaginal examination showed uterine procidentia, which was reducible with no mass felt in the adnexa.
The ideal candidate for LeFort partial colpocleisis is a woman who has complete uterine prolapse, or procidentia (FIGURE 1), which is characterized by symmetric eversion of the anterior and posterior vaginal walls.
As in general hernia surgery, use of mesh prostheses should be considered for severe procidentia or recurrent prolapse.
Stage IV hemorrhoids are characterized by frill procidentia of the hemorrhoids and rectal mucosa, with considerable edema.
Suneja A, Taneja A, Guleria K, Yadav P, Agarwal N, Incarcerated procidentia due to cervical fibroid: An unusual presentation.
A discussion about mesh prostheses and potential complications associated with use of the products is included in the preoperative consultation if a patient has extensive pelvic floor defects or genital procidentia such that the vagina and uterus extend completely outside the body.