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When I recently checked the USCIS website for processing times, it shows they're processing F-2B petitions filed in late May 2015.
The shortest average processing time for local applications across councils was just below 10 weeks in Mid and East Antrim, whilst the longest was nearly 24 weeks in Lisburn and Castlereagh.
As a result, it was able to significantly reduce the processing time for COB tasks such as daily transaction, calculating and posting interests, rolling the bank date forward and production of various reports.
SoftCo AP has cut the invoice processing time, giving us cost savings and instant visibility on the status of the invoice.
The processing time for a fixed number portability request has also been slashed from 72 hours to eight, but can be extended for another eight business hours, in case the provider faces any technical difficulties.
The tourism minister in Jamaica is planning measures to reduce processing time for travellers coming into the country.
Processing time: Processing time is the time required for that job be processed.
There are four key cost control benefits to the JetWeigh system: cash till processing time is reduced; potential fraud trouble spots are quickly identified; deposits are quickly processed; and managerial time is freed up for other critical tasks.
Operations are not preempted able and set-up times of operations are independent of the sequences and therefore can be included in the processing time.
SBA says it has cut in half the processing time for 8(a) applications since deployment of its Business Development Management Information System nearly a year ago.
RIYADH: The Australian government has announced it has reduced the processing time for Australian visas with an aim to ensure that a Saudi applicant gets his or her visit visa within two days.
Under the new rules, processing time for Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman passport holders could be as short as two days for online applications submitted on www.
This suggests the need to reduce key case processing time frames.
While this appears to be the least onerous of the changes, it will affect facilities negatively because Medicaid application processing time will be increased and will ultimately delay Medicaid reimbursement.
For general/multi-state corporations, normal processing time is four to six months for those with income less than $25,000.