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a method of printing colored reproductions from halftone plates

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Steve Jeffrey, president of Imex, said Hollander Home Fashions was the first to use the four-color process printing on the bags.
Model 528 for process printing on CDs has three screen-print heads for the white background, titles, and clearcoat, as well as four offset heads for process printing and intermediary curing to keep colors from mixing.
Their award in the Process Printing on Wide Web non Polyethylene category was for their work with Geest Prepared Food - Barton.
exceeds the previous maximum of eight colors for flexo presses and can be utilized for solid and process printing.
Introduced process printing and computerized typesetting.
The HSCD-1 is a modular, linear-format system designed to provide full-color process printing on CDs at speeds up to 100 parts/min.
Although many PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors can be successfully reproduced in four-color, some cannot because of the inherent limitations of process printing.
The PANTONE digital chips books show a three-way comparison of how 1,089 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM(R) Colors look when printed on a Xerox digital press or an offset press using CYMK process printing.
Print providers can create additional application opportunities using two new imaging solutions that add an in-line image-protective coating and provide an 80-percent richer color gamut than achieved by standard offset process printing.
The company continues to lead the industry in the application of stochastic screening for heat-set Web printing and Hexachrome(R) six-color process printing.
In a single pass on a six-color press, Hexachrome is capable of simulating over 90% of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors, more than twice the number that can be obtained using conventional four-color process printing.
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