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inflammation of the female pelvic organs (especially the Fallopian tubes) caused by infection by any of several microorganisms (chiefly gonococci and chlamydia)

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These included: the identification of production lines for the pilot project (September to December 2001); the provision of training to employees in the co-ordination of production tasks and customer expectations (January to April 2002); and the implementation of the process controller position (May to August 2002).
Part of the motor, the process controller stores operating logic needed to govern cycles.
Thus, there is a definite need for communications between the process controller and the intelligent transmitter, called a field bus.
The System 2020 weight process controller is available in several basic configurations:
A mill can also use a phased approach when upgrading a process controller.
Using a single process controller, the foundry may manage the entire core production process from sand mixing, core shooting, gas generation, additives and sand supply.
Choosing the option of an embedded PID process controller, working in conjunction with the positioner, provides a fast-acting, decentralised control loop in combination with the associated process sensor.
The System 2020[TM] Weight Indicator and Process Controller is available in Weight System, Batcher or In-Motion with options to tailor to specific applications.
All three models--as with the original NSB 400/250--feature spacious molding areas, long transfer tables, quick indexing speeds, and a Siemens S7 closed-loop process controller, Novapax says.
It also has an adjustable sand shot pressure and profile selection system that is controlled by a PLC process controller.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Universal Process Controller
Meeting the demands for highspeed distributed control and automation, the SCADAPackES is an advanced RTU and process controller that provides the ideal solution for applications requiring small to medium I/O counts, high speed time stamping and data capture.
The Series SD 1/32 DIN panel mount size single display PID temperature/ process controller supports timed temperature/process control, as well as on/off timing for a variety of external devices such as pumps, fans and lamps.
The process controller records all parts of the process and can send the information to a printer and/or remote manufacturing computer system.
At the heart of the AccuTrac is an enhanced version of the digital process controller, the Model FDP-VI+, designed to afford greater ease of use.
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