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a unicellular organism having cells lacking membrane-bound nuclei


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These included, for mytilid taxa, the gregarines, ciliates, procaryote inclusions, trematode metacercariae, coccidians, copepods, xenomas (cells distended with numerous gill ciliates as described in Otto et al.
Transmission of the Rickettsiales-like procaryote "Candidatus Xenohaliotis californiensis" and its role in withering syndrome of California abalone Haliotis spp.
Status of selected unicellular eucaryote pathogens, and prevalence and hispathology of inclusions containing obligate procaryote parasites, in commercial bivalve mollusks from Maryland estuaries.
Mycoplasma spp are sensitive to tetracyclines which specifically inhibit protein synthesis in procaryotes.
Insect-Transmitted Procaryotes, Riverside, California, 200, pp.