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Borneo monkey having a long bulbous nose

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The Distribution and abundance of Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) in Garama Klias Peninsula.
Nine of the 13 primate species of Borneo are found in the park, such as the distinctive proboscis monkey, the agile gibbon, the silvery leaf-eating monkey and the orangutan.
While the group is resting and playing, Ledan notices another male proboscis monkey heading right for him.
You might catch a glimpse of the proboscis monkey (found only in Borneo); examine the Bintangor tree, which is being studied as a treatment for AIDS; or taste the bananas that grow upside down.
London, Aug 28 ( ANI ): Blobfish, axolotl and proboscis monkey are battling it out for the ugliest animals on earth title.
He has hit the headlines for his crocodile project, as well as warning on the future of the iconic big-nosed proboscis monkey and attempting to stave off extinction of the slow loris due to an aggressive illegal pet trade.
Located just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu and set on the shores of Pulau Gaya, the largest island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Gaya Island Resort offers a launching pad to discover Borneo and all that it has to offer -- beaches, diving sites and rainforests, offering a home to many rare species including the orangutan and the proboscis monkey.
An adult male Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) rests on a tree limb on a cool morning in Tasek Merimbun National Park.
The distinctive proboscis monkey, loved for the male's bizarre, pendulous nose, has retreated to just 5,900 as their swamp habitats in Borneo are cleared to make way for palm oil plantations, Cardiff University scientists said.
Bako National Park, a good day trip from Kuching, contains a range of animals, including Borneo's second most recognisable primate, the proboscis monkey.
UGLY ADJECTIVES, TE 6 Animal Article Adjectives Your Adjectives Proboscis monkey proboscis, oversize, large Answers will vary Leaf-tailed gecko leaf tailed, creepy Answers will vary Wrinkle-faced bat wrinkle-faced, short and wide, Answers will vary odd-shaped Star-nosed mole star-nosed, fleshy, Answers will vary tentaclelike Marabou stork bald, gruesome Answers will vary Sea pig I plump, gelatinous Answers will vary Questions: Answers will vary.
The Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam is within walking distance of some of the city's famous tourist attractions such as the Jame' Asr Mosque, Brunei's largest mosque; Kampong Ayer, the world's oldest over-water village and the Ulu Ulu Resort, a national park and home to the near extinct proboscis monkey.
Over the next two years 72,000 trees will be planted, which will aid in the survival of other endangered wildlife as well, including the storms stork, Borneon bristlehead, and rare endemic species such as the proboscis monkey and Borneon gibbon.
But savvy locals can discern each cry with dead reckoning: the screech of the proboscis monkey, the call of the Sunda ground cuckoo, the trill of a cell phone?
Although these psychedelic species may look unreal, they are just as real as the weird Kuru laughing virus or the big-nosed proboscis monkey.