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Synonyms for problematical

Synonyms for problematical

open to doubt or debate

making great mental demands

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It's a problematical format for a manifesto like this: first, it tends to repetition, as Spuybroek says much the same thing to different (although, one imagines, similar) audiences of European groupies, in that Frankenstein dialect of architecture teacher-theorist offshore English that looks as if it ought to make sense but actually conveys very little.
Especially problematical to open-shop contractors is a provision requiring contractors to maintain "bona fide" apprenticeship programs for the trades in their work forces.
He predicted the requirement for high-level approval would be "very problematical.
The Ninth has always been more than a little problematical.
But like any phrase that tries to offer a way to live your life in less than 10 words, it can be problematical.
and some problematical aspects of the European regulation of medicinal products.
He said hereditary peers must be abolished quickly and admitted that the recent cash-for-peerages row would make an all-appointed body problematical.
More problematical still, the directive's target quality standards have not yet been announced.
It will only make things more problematical for the woman.
Especially interesting are her stories of the boarding schools, those problematical institutions that tore at the fabric of Indian life and acclimated them to the white world.
In the case of problematical feed water, such as that containing large amounts of gas, a membrane degassing stage can be fitted before the generator in order to comply with EN 285 for non-condensable gases.
National candidates' retreat from public spaces is in part a sad consequence of our troubled times; security concerns have made mass gatherings increasingly problematical.
WELL my good friends, your problems are so problematical my learned friend and yours, the late Mr Albert Einstein, would probably just chalk them up to experience then walk away from the blackboard forever.
Some believe this fuzziness is beneficial, and others view it as problematical.
Problematical burrs, which are residual to most casting, extruding, and machining operations, must be removed for operational, safety, and aesthetic reasons.