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In summary, whereas some studies consider problem drinking based on rates and levels of consumptions, other studies focus on negative consequences of alcohol use in order to distinguish which students have problematic drinking habits.
The average percent problematic response plus neutral response over all items was 37.
Kracauer's problematic distinction between ratio and reason anticipates the Frankfurters' equally problematic Schopenhauerian distinction between "instrumental" and "critical" reason; and in this essay he is indeed closest to their position and also seemingly most uncomfortable with it.
Appropriate surface structure increases the acceptability of the project by eliminating images, language and interactions that could be perceived as problematic, while incorporating those that signal community membership or knowledge.
Equally problematic are notions of the evil Western powers and their pristine, innocent adversaries.
It is problematic to follow this course because we might fairly ask whether these individuals actually understood Jesus.
Additionally, in the second section, the handbook explains how students' academic achievement often suffers due to the effects of problematic eating behaviors.
cooling fins--thin segments attached to problematic areas of a casting;
I have no solution to offer since both government and unions are more problematic than they are helpful.
This article presents findings about problematic issues from a national study of couples married five years or less.
A spokesman for the policing team said: "Patrols will continue over the coming months and the neighbourhood policing team will continue to engage with youths in this location and make them aware that their behaviour may at times be problematic and considered anti social.
On Friday, Secretary of the Georgian Security Council Irina Imerlishvili confirmed that Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili was prepared to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss "only key, problematic aspects in bilateral relations", as she put it.
There are ''indications of potentially problematic conduct'' by bid officials.