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the area of cognitive psychology that studies the processes involved in solving problems

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The researchers noted that, in the real world, problems are not always distinctly divided into analytic and creative types - successful problem solving depends on the needs of a given situation.
Leadership's commitment to making robust problem solving a core competency and activity in the organization.
And while your problem might not be getting people to attend your rock band's performances, buying a used computer or figuring out which would be the best school to attend in Brazil so you can improve your soccer skills, the methods you need--from root cause analysis to creating logic trees, which are covered in Problem Solving 101-are the same, even if you're trying to figure out how to design a new car while minimizing the number of tools that have to be changed from the existing model, engineer a cost-effective but environmentally correct component, or get more work done with a reduced number of staff members.
IdeaConnection's online ThinkSpace(TM) allows each select group of thinkers and innovators to work together in a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and idea generation, while fostering focus and goal-oriented problem solving.
Case-based reasoning and instructional design: Using stories to support problem solving.
Among the many adaptations of Problem Solving Therapy (PST; Nezu, 2004), interventions were developed for intellectually disabled (ID) populations, where improving problem-solving skills led to improvements in psychological and adaptive functioning (Nezu, Nezu, & Arean 1991), and decreases in challenging social behavior.
The training courses, conducted with all department personnel, not only have involved an explanation of the COPS philosophy but have devoted much time to working with specific tools for problem solving (e.
Efficient number skills can be fostered by a student's ability to apply and generalize various cognitive strategies or problem solving principles, which deepen associations between numerical concepts and, in turn, shorten processing time.
An effective problem solving process can improve production reliability significantly.
The Agility team designed and developed a bespoke training course in Problem Solving Skills, providing a course for a group of "champions" from within the business who will train colleagues.
ACPE announces a new partnership with Charles "Chic" Thompson of the Creative Management Group to provide a new custom educational program to bring to your organization--Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.
Those who can employ the fundamentals of business problem solving are best equipped to outlast the problem.
Let's return to Halley and Newton and the persistent challenge of establishing connections between people to facilitate problem solving.
15-year-olds scored lower, on average, than their peers elsewhere in both math literacy and problem solving.
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