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Synonyms for probity

Synonyms for probity

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complete and confirmed integrity

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All parties seeking Queensland casino licences have been made well aware of their need to meet and fulfil the requisite probity and financial requirements.
A Central Bank source said Ackerman had been judged fit based on the fitness and probity criteria that can be found on the CBC website.
Mr O'Brien added the initial [euro]113million planned savings from medical card probity tests - which has dropped to [euro]23million - was never achievable and would have needed a change in the rules.
To my dismay I read that Croatia wishes to join which will cost UK taxpayers pounds 200m and waiting in the wings are Serbia and Albania, those stalwarts of democracy and financial probity.
THE news about superinjunctions and alleged high-profile sex crime contrasts strikingly with clear rules in world religions about the importance of probity in business, fidelity within marriage and protection for the innocent.
C h i e f e x e c u t i v e C l i v e Hawkswood said: "This is part of our commitment to keep the industry crime free and to encourage high standards of probity and integrity, for the benefit of members and the public.
The BJP spokesperson said the Prime Minister should not merely speak about good governance, probity and fairness but implement these benchmarks.
The point that seems to have fallen out of the writer's sight is that Ms Pushkar's fiance - the former Minster of State for External Affairs - has not been dropped from the Government for knowing her, but for exceeding the bounds of probity.
Will voters buy into the new political Daz, new faces reflecting a new probity, a new way even, perhaps a third way making its second comeback since Lazarus was a lad?
Morgan does hit valuable points: that in living memory Americans were arrested for selling poems and novels that were too far-out in subject matter and language, as happened to sellers of both Ginsberg's "Howl" and Burroughs' Naked Lunch in the late 1950s and early '60s; that such attempts at repression can help cement an artistic reputation rather than destroy it; and that coteries bound by a skilled promoter such as Ginsberg can rise above their often reprehensible and destructive personal behavior to become beacons of artistic daring, if not personal probity.
ROMANIA has not only failed to crack down on its serious corruption problems, its government has been back-pedalling, the latest European Commission monitoring report on its probity has said.
I strongly reject any suggestion that I have behaved inappropriately in any way and consider I have acted with absolute probity in these matters.
President Yar'Adua is said to have given his conditional approval to this initiative but insisted in absolute probity, requiring due process to be strictly followed in arriving at the terms of any agreement between the authorities and the private sector.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- The Las Vegas City Council has unanimously approved the World Jewelry Center's (WJC) Site Development Plan and Special Use Permit, thus giving the developer, Probity International Corporation, all the entitlements necessary to proceed with the project.
Members of these bodies must act with probity at all times and are bound by strict codes of conduct to which they can be held fully accountable.