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Synonyms for probative

tending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation


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quality must be substantial in its tendency to probatively corroborate
15) The advisory comment accompanying Rule 404 notes explicitly that character evidence tends to distract from probatively valuable evidence.
as an excuse for failing to probatively share information," CRS said.
65) As some homeland security observers have noted those who do not share information outside their agency may use the classification barrier (not having appropriate clearances) or the reciprocity challenge associated with security clearances (having a clearance sponsored by an agency other than the one that owned the information) as an excuse for failing to probatively share information.
55) Justice Powell suggested that apportioned districts should simulate compactness and disregard traditional political boundaries; if not, the state should be required to probatively show a nondiscriminatory reason for its plan.