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tending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation


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the very least, have limited probative value in the eyes of the courts.
Finally, both New York and the federal rules have a failsafe for ensuring that unfairly prejudicial evidence that substantially outweighs the probative value of the evidence may be excluded by the trial court.
61) However, the court found that the probative value of the firearm was substantially outweighed by the possibility that the jurors would improperly rely on this evidence to determine that because the defendant owned a .
evidence is relevant, judges may exclude it if its probative value on
have probative value that is greater than trifling because a jury
72) The 11th Circuit also rejected the defendant's argument that the commentary accompanying the photograph was prejudicial because the judge's limiting instruction maximized the probative value and minimized the prejudicial effect of the commentary.
and documents of equivalent probative value is present and valid: the auditor should verify that all documents on the basis of costs incurred that are available in the original, all the necessary elements and actually deal with the costs that should justify, amounts unduly paid are recovered in the proper order: the auditor should verify that the amounts unduly paid if any, have been restored in a proper manner and that they are properly accounted for, accounting systems and accounting: the auditor must verify that the beneficiary maintains accounting system for the project activities.
These include research that lacks probative value and biased research reporting.
He added: "This was clearly relevant evidence to which the jury were entitled to attribute high probative value.
Courts allow IMEs because they offer a probative value," he explains.
relevance, probative value, and unfair prejudice are the only factors
Meeting these standards, the majority of jurisdictions today would conclude by examining the evidence under Rule 403, (8) and admit the "Convicted Murderer Profile" if the court determined that the probative value of the evidence was not substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice.
We've recently located some evidence that we believe is of probative value to us, and we believe is worth testing at the state crime lab," Detective Sgt.
Among the main causes for the persistence of this practice, the report identifies the "existence of inherited institutional practices and a culture of violence firmly rooted in the security forces of the state; impunity; the lack of funding, adequate equipment, and technical training of security forces; the state's repressive responses, such as 'iron-fist' or 'zero-tolerance' policies; and the granting of probative value to confessions and information obtained through torture or cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.