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tending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation


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Thus, stray remarks in the workplace, while perhaps probative of
The court found these comparables less probative than the comparables used by Debtor's appraiser because the Cape Cod structure has one and one-half floors compared to one floor in a ranch home, and the homes were located outside the municipality of Debtor's residence.
45-caliber gun, rendered the other guns probative in establishing the guilt of the defendant.
evidence is relevant, judges may exclude it if its probative value on
The trial judge clearly saw some relevant and probative value in questions being put to Ms Lawson re this private behaviour.
Meanwhile, Public Prosecution is preparing its closing pleading, where it will present the incident and the probative evidences on the availability of the mistake from all the defendants, as well as reply back on their defense during the court hearings.
These include research that lacks probative value and biased research reporting.
He added: "This was clearly relevant evidence to which the jury were entitled to attribute high probative value.
What criteria must a "limited" skeptical argument meet to have probative power?
Lower-BMI patrons tended to chew their food longer, as well as place their napkins on their laps (it is unclear if this latter finding has probative value).
relevance, probative value, and unfair prejudice are the only factors
4) As a result, the Confrontation Clause often precludes admittance of these probative victim statements.
The record, however confirmed the absence of probative evidence upon which the jury could have concluded that the accident took place on the steps and that, therefore, their condition was not even related to the accident.
This probative book, originally an excellent doctoral thesis, is comprehensive, detailed, and measured.