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tending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation


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The uncorroborated statements of Adorco, which are the only evidence against the respondents have no probative value and are inadmissible in evidence against them,' the resolution stated.
He told a pre-inquest hearing at Woking Coroner's Court on Friday: "None of the sexual misconduct allegations individually or collectively is of sufficient probative force in respect of the issues that need to be resolved within the scope of this inquest.
At a granular level, the sheer number of rules of evidence is vast, (5) but PFEL surveys the major federal rules with emphasis on probative value, counterweights to relevant evidence, character evidence, competency of witnesses, privileges, impeachment, hearsay, limited admissibility, (6) and expert and scientific evidence.
The court found that Trustmark's comparable sales approach was not probative of fair market value because six of the ten properties were appraised using foreclosure sales as comparable sales.
BEIRUT: Defense attorneys at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon questioned the probative value of cellular coverage maps tendered by prosecutors Tuesday, arguing they should not be allowed into evidence.
As far as I'm concerned, the prosecution panel has only presented hearsay testimony, witnesses with dubious backgrounds and motives (master forger, Malampaya scam mastermind) and documents/reports which do not have any probative value nor evidentiary integrity," he added.
Balancing Probative Value with the Rule 403 Concerns
Some protestors burnt some symbolic files in the demonstration site aiming to draw attention to claims that German Intelligence have destroyed several probative documents to avoid them from the court.
in a particular case is probative of guilt, (20) and if it is, weigh its
While the district court found that Kraft's expert's survey methodology was sound and confirmed the likelihood of confusion, Judge Posner expressed doubts about the probative significance of not only the survey at issue, but surveys in general.
4) The Seventh Circuit held that the federal district court abused its discretion by admitting a prior possession conviction because it was probative "only in the sense that it established his propensity" to commit a similar crime.
a) To establish an independent panel of experts, including forensic and ballistics experts, to examine the new evidence, to assess its probative value and to make recommendations to the General Assembly;
evidence is relevant, judges may exclude it if its probative value on