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Synonyms for probationer

Synonyms for probationer

a nurse in training who is undergoing a trial period

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someone released on probation or on parole

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Lawson(158) the Tenth Circuit upheld a condition of probation requiring the probationer to "disassociate himself with any organization that has as its purpose defeating the Internal Revenue Service laws.
He said that out of 70,000 applicants, 286 candidates were selected purely on merit for probationer sub-inspectors, and they would now be the part of the Punjab police.
The DFE consists of a process evaluation of HOPE'S implementation in the four sites, an outcome evaluation examining probationer violations and recidivism for individuals in HOPE versus those on traditional probation, and a cost-benefit analysis of HOPE versus traditional probation.
A probationer has been stated to be a person who is taken in service subject to the condition that it will attain a sure footing only if during the period that he is on probation he shows that he is a fit person to be retained in service.
The probationer constables joined the force in January of this year and will now spend the next 10 weeks working in local policing teams with a tutor on regular operational patrols across the force area.
After reading Gail Caldwell's Let's Take the Long Way Home (2009), one probationer in the Woburn Superior court program wrote, "Grief is a process--unexpected ambushes.
The government also agreed to pay $30,000 to another probationer, whom Walker supervised between June of 2008 and December of 2010.
According to News 8, the program worked like this: parolees and probationers worked off community service hours by destroying thousands of confidential documents, including psychiatric exams of juveniles, copies of Social Security cards, birth certificates, court records, drug tests, and even medical records.
They go out in two-person teams, sometimes with police if the risk involving the probationer warrants it.
Probationer WPc Helen Skeggs was preparing for her beat patrolling Hampstead's streets on July 7 2005 as terrorist Jermaine Lindsay detonated a rucksack full of explosives on the Piccadilly line between King's Cross and Russell Square.
In summary, both the rural and violent probationer populations are growing.
The officers couldn't possibly spend two hours writing a report every time a probationer failed a test or skipped drug treatment or anger-management class--there would be no time for anything else.
Hence, the variables that predict probationer risk at intake might not be those that predict probationer risk at discharge or revocation.
And even in the extreme case in which a probationer simply walks away ("absconds") from supervision--in a typical big-city probation office, 10% or more of the nominal caseload consists of absconders--it's still true that nothing is likely to happen.