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the officer of the court who supervises probationers

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Twelve probation officers attended the training with specialized sessions being attended by police officers, prosecutors as well as members of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
Experience in design of training materials for probation officers, prison officers and bailiffs;
Probation officers will move to police stations at Pwllheli, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Holyhead and Llangefni.
Nor is it that the working lives of probation officers lack drama as such--they are as unlikely to be as action-oriented as a police story, but in the hands of a good novelist or scriptwriter, and with certain permissible embellishments, the lives of nurses and teachers can be dramatised, so why not probation?
Some probation officers have been notified of this new policy by e-mail.
The list also included information about who lives in the home of the person on probation, if there were weapons in the home and other information probation officers need to be safe and better serve the people they are assigned to work with.
Federal Probation Officers are entrusted and empowered by law to serve others," said U.
Catherine was nominated by colleagues for her commitment to the LCCS project that sees probation officers and magistrates visiting groups to increase understanding about community sentences.
Common sense told me that it would not be possible to have one authority dealing with both prison officers and also probation officers.
TWO probation officers have been sacked after a woman who swindled her husband out of pounds 25,000 failed to carry out her community service.
Patricia Newman, Monroe regional manager, said, "Implementation of service coordination has provided our youths and families, as well as the probation officers, a sense of continuity.
PROBATION officers across West Yorkshire could find themselves out of work due to proposed cuts to the service.
They perform a similar role to probation officers, working directly with clients, but do not have a formal qualification in probation work.
This method worked well (or at least was acceptable) in the past when the RCTC worked with fewer clients, organizations, and probation officers.