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the officer of the court who supervises probationers

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In 1909, for example, 39 percent (n = 12/31) of police probation officers had Irish surnames.
The following pages include more details about employment prospects, along with other information--such as job duties, earnings, and training requirements--describing probation officers and correctional treatment specialists.
Cagle and another probation officer, Earl Hackney, who was armed with a gun, decided to go over to Ellis's house.
Many probation officers are against the "parole-by-numbers" method and prefer their own judgment.
38) Probation officers saw their role in the criminal justice system as implementers of the rehabilitative ideal.
But there was a payoff both the probation officers and I could see: As offenders worked and learned and made restitution, their attitudes often changed dramatically.
PKC allows probation officers to effectively manage their caseloads and spend time focused on what they do best, supervise and communicate with probationers.
Twelve probation officers attended the training with specialized sessions being attended by police officers, prosecutors as well as members of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
While this has been done for each of the last several years, this was the first year that probation officers were sent out to monitor compliance, Mr.
In a report titled Locked Up Potential, the CSJ said prison and probation officers who deliver reduced reoffending rates in their local areas should be financially rewarded.
In this penultimate feature on the town's magistrates' courts ANDREW HIRST looks at the vital role played by probation officers and specialist drugs workers in giving JPs the information they need to decide on a defendant's fate
But Gateshead magistrates were told pre-sentence reports ordered three weeks ago were not ready because she had failed to keep appointments with probation officers.
Former teacher Chris Partridge, 27, is the face of the campaign to find more trainee probation officers in the South Wales and Gwent probation areas.
According to details the existing post of Director has been upgraded from BPS-18 to BPS-19, the post of Deputy Director has been upgraded from BPS-17 to BPS-18 and 18 posts of Parole/Probation Officers presently in BPS-16 have been upgraded to BPS-17 and re-designated as Senior Parole/Senior Probation Officers.
at least 5 years working on the training of probation officers, prison officers and/or bailiffs within an EU member state;