probation officer

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the officer of the court who supervises probationers

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The author of the presentence report was on annual leave and the judge, George Moorhouse, adjourned sentencing until June 10 for the probation officer to attend court.
David Bradbury, of Roby, who served with Mr Mathieson as deputy chief probation officer of Merseyside, said: "David inspired me to go into the probation service.
Prior to WW2, and immediately afterwards, probation officer memoirs (and occasionally journalism) were the only publicly accessible alternative to governmental, professional and academic data on the probation service, a "genre" which continues intermittently to the present day but which was eventually eclipsed as a source of public information by fiction and, much later, by television documentaries) (see, for example, Ellison 1933; Harris 1937; Stokes 1950; St John 1961; Brady 2012; Kaul 2012 (2)).
Once you've become a qualified probation officer, you will be encouraged to continue your professional and personal development throughout your career.
Christina Bullins, a probation officer in Miami, says the new policy is "capricious.
The list also included information about who lives in the home of the person on probation, if there were weapons in the home and other information probation officers need to be safe and better serve the people they are assigned to work with.
Probation Officer, Walker supervised offenders who were serving probation or supervised release terms imposed by a federal judge, including offenders with vulnerable backgrounds involving sexual abuse, mental illness and drug addiction.
Staffordshire and West Midlands WM Senior Probation Officer Catherine Hay was honoured for her work on the Local Crime Community Sentence project.
Defending, Robert Hodgkinson said White had been "perfectly up-front" with her probation officer about her holiday with Mr Birch.
The former probation officer faces criminal charges of sexually abusing five women while they were either on federal probation or subject to pretrial release conditions.
A youth meets his (or her) probation officer shortly after entering the system, whether through field or facility services.
Probation Officer Geoffrey Fraser, who has been jailed for carrying out a sex attack on a young woman.
The probation officer is responsible for designing and recommending a program that is appropriate for each individual client.
A CONVICTED pirate has been forced to switch from the Ubuntu Linux OS to Microsoft Windows - so his probation officer can keep tabs on him.
Matt Gwilym is looking forward to his challenging new role as a probation officer.