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a trial period during which your character and abilities are tested to see whether you are suitable for work or for membership

a trial period during which an offender has time to redeem himself or herself

(law) a way of dealing with offenders without imprisoning them

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Now, the probation officer is trying to get the judge to suspend sentence.
He regretted he had not given the probation officer a stronger letter.
The probation officer, her hands filled with papers, bustled forward and whispered.
The judge bowed toward the probation officer, and she beckoned the prisoner to her.
And this probation officer, she, too, was capable, was she not?
In view of the good character to which your friends have testified, and on the condition that you do not touch liquor, I will not sentence you to jail, but will place you in charge of the probation officer.
If, during the year of probation, he failed to justify the confidence placed in him -- a confidence which had led Mr.
Gradgrind, and was not without strong impulses, in the first months of her probation, to run away.
And there, too, was a sprinkling of less distinguished Parliamentary Barnacles, who had not as yet got anything snug, and were going through their probation to prove their worthiness.
In the meanwhile, all around her showed that their present state was that of punishment and probation, and that it was their especial duty to suffer without sinning.
He was sentenced to 180 days in jail with 60 days credit for time served, 24 months of probation and ordered to pay restitution of $1,000.
PESHAWAR -- The Competent Authority has upgraded 20 posts in the Directorate of Reclamation and Probation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with immediate effect.
DELIVERING probation services to 10,000 low or medium-risk offenders requires highly-skilled and responsible staff in order to protect the public, reduce reoffending and help to make Wales a safer place.
PROBATION workers denied a pay rise by the Government staged a three-hour strike to underline their anger.
Judge Gemma Theresa Hilario-Logronio of Municipal Trial Court Branch 3 issued the warrant of arrest on July 3 in connection with the alleged violation committed by Fidel Shieldon Arcenas on the conditions of his probation.