probability theorist

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a mathematician who specializes in probability theory

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According to the conditional probability theorist, when C
different than what the conditional probability theorists asserts about
58) Figure 6 shows how a conventional probability theorist thinks probability behaves.
Probability theorists usually think about this in terms of a tossing a biased coin (that is, one whose probability of turning up heads is not equal to .
The Bayesian probability theorists argue that it is inherently meaningless to be uncertain about a probability since this appears to violate the subjectivists' assumption that individual can develop unique and precise probability judgments.
In contrast to Bayes' approach, traditional probability theorists such as the Bernoullis, set out to calculate objective probabilities that arose in the course of a limited number of uncontaminated trials.
Probability theorists suspect that the reason for this is a simple one--that humanists hate numbers.
Just as nineteenth-century wave theorists and particle theorists competed to explain the nature of light, so coherence theorists and probability theorists compete to explain the nature of scientific change.
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