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Antonyms for proactive

descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on events or stimuli or processes that occur subsequently

(of a policy or person or action) controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens

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The judges said of ProActivity: "The ProActivity Suite offers highly regulated companies with multiple operations an additional level of risk management along with data management efficiencies for internal and external reporting," and called it a "Comprehensive EHS management tool.
Blue chips and, even SMBs need more proactivity and efficiency for their unified Visual Communications 24*7”, said Jose Jacques-Gustave, G2J President & Founder.
The programme focuses on rewarding proactivity, driving new business and customer retention, delivering greater rewards and reviewing partners who are underperforming, a statement said.
We found that a single lazy person - someone low in proactivity - drags the team down, reducing its satisfaction and performance," says PhD candidate Benjamin Walker, from the Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales.
Over the last few months he has also shown his proactivity by delivering antibullying workshops for every team.
This lack of proactivity is likely to be having a direct impact on business efficiency, and with 30% of businesses taking up to one month to find a supplier that they are happy with, this extended lead time is likely to result in missed opportunities - especially for organisations looking to bring new products to market within a critical time frame.
The factors have been named measured aggression, proactivity, intrinsic motivation, winning orientation, and verbal aggression.
but the fact that this is taking place so soon after the peace jirga (conference) and so soon after the appeal to look seriously at this list is a sign of proactivity.
This type of proactivity would make a huge impact on not only the number of defaults and foreclosures, but also the speed in which cases get handled," he said.
Such proactivity is required in the country, especially in the current economic scenario, to help banks protect themselves against unnecessary credit risks.
Following prior work by Burke and Logsdon (1996), we examine the relationship of centrality, appropriability, proactivity, visibility, and voluntarism to value creation.
Adopting a Green Points scheme to encourage environmentally proactivity.
TPP REL on the case The BBC's Dominic Coles wants to see proactivity from racing in order for it to "keep up".
Summary: During the annual event organised by African Business magazine and the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC), Morocco was recognised as a nation that has demonstrated innovation and proactivity in mobilising its tourism industry.
We've used Thomas Guise before and been impressed with their proactivity and communication.