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Antonyms for proactive

descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on events or stimuli or processes that occur subsequently

(of a policy or person or action) controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens

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20000/- and above want more openness, collaboration, trust, autonomy, proactiveness, authenticity, confrontation and experimentation.
proactiveness and makes They feel disoriented people less willing to or make wrong take initiatives and be decisions.
Although innovativeness, risk-taking, and proactiveness are important characteristics of entrepreneurial firms, Cooper and Dunkelberg (1986) suggest that various paths to business ownership constitute different degrees of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial firms will present significant differences when compared with conservative firms.
More proactiveness is required if Sri Lanka is to secure a positive image in the world.
Lumpkin and Dess [25] have introduced autonomy, innovativeness, risk taking, proactiveness and competitive aggressiveness as a group of behaviors representing corporate entrepreneurship.
The agents have capabilities such as: autonomy, reactivity, proactiveness, social cooperation, and are able to exhibit goal-directed behavior (Wooldridge 2009, Dounis and Caraiscos 2009).
Nine of the items are identical to the adapted EO scale that purports to capture the innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk accepting nature of an SVO.
At the moment it does not seem to have applied too much thought, proactiveness or responsibility to the larger implications of this awful blot on our medical landscape.
Here is an example of proactiveness by the industry in both assessing environmental concerns and finding ways to design a more modern and intermediary-free reach between production and customer base.
The award recognises their commitment to sustainable issues and proactiveness in raising awareness with staff and students
I'm advocating a certain amount of proactiveness on the part of the writers.
Saudi Arabia: Example of Breast Cancer Awareness and Proactiveness in Riyadh Earlier this week in Riyadh, the Ministry of Health took a proactive stance on bringing Breast Cancer Awareness into Granada Mall.
The reactions of agents to the environmental changes are the reactivity or proactiveness that depends on what kind of agent architecture is applied to develop the agents.
Besides, the government's proactiveness is one sided particularly the return of 480 herds of cattle alleged to have been raided by Bor County youth criminals from Murle in the month of September, 2012.