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supporting the United States and its policies

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It didn't matter that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11; what mattered was getting rid of Saddam and imposing a pro-American regime in the middle of the Middle East.
As might be expected, when respondents are broken down by their media preferences, Fox News viewers have much stronger attitudes about pro-American coverage.
policy, he changed his mind under pressure from his foreign minister, Eduard Shevardnadze, a Georgian who was staunchly pro-American and pro-Israel and who threatened to cause a scandal and resign.
January 1, 1959: After waging a two-year-long guerrilla war against pro-American dictator Fulgencio Batista, a former lawyer turned revolutionary named Fidel Castro routs Batista's forces and takes charge of the island.
The analysis is marred by pro-Israeli and pro-American obfuscations and outright falsehoods, such as the ludicrous contention that "the United States and the British organized and assisted in nationalizing Iran's oil industry," when in fact the exact opposite is the case; the US and the British organized a coup against the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in order to subvert the nationalization of its oil industry.
If I get elected, my policies will be pro-Bulgarian, not pro-Russian or pro-American," he told voters in Shumen, as cited by the Cross agency.
Earlier this month, Foreign Affairs magazine published ''The Sturdy House That Assad Built,'' arguing that the Arab wave would not only ''pass Syria by'' but see Damascus ''relatively strengthened'' by the collapse of Egypt and other pro-American regimes.
Patterson, that his party- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz was pro-American, according to whistle-blower website WikiLeaks.
Klayman's compliant says that Sataki is known by VOA's leadership "to hold strong personal views that VOA/PNN should be more pro-American and supportive of the freedom movement in Iran.
I am not pro-American or anti-American, I just like to face facts.
Most Americans may not know it, but there is a new generation of activists and entrepreneurs emerging in the Middle East; pro-American, pro-capitalist allies in places like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Lebanon.
We should not want to be allies with some pro-American nutter living on Russia's doorstep.
He opposed the Iraq war, is young enough not to be ideologically tied to the traditional Franco-German alliance in Europe, and is pro-American enough to want to reinforce the transatlantic alliance and heal the post-Iraq war rift.