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Synonyms for pro

an athlete who plays for pay

an argument in favor of a proposal

Related Words


in favor of (an action or proposal etc.)


in favor of a proposition, opinion, etc


References in classic literature ?
We were not going to Baltimore; but, in going up the bay, we went toward Baltimore, and these pro- tections were only intended to protect us while on the bay.
His emotions made him feel strange in the presence of men who talked excitedly of a pro- spective battle as of a drama they were about to witness, with nothing but eagerness and curiosity apparent in their faces.
Many sailors feel and profess a rational dislike for the sea, but his was a pro- found and emotional animosity--as if the love of the stabler element had been bred into him through many generations.
The twigs overhung the current thickly, and from distance to distance a large limb of some tree pro- jected rigidly over the stream.
And as I turned away to shut the door he pro- nounced the word 'Merciful