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CAL will also pay to the company and Dor Alon four additional installments of NIS 5m each to be distributed pro rata between the company and Dor Alon (with the company's pro-rata portion of each additional installment to be NIS 3.
Last week the News of the World raised its cover price by 5P and said it would maintain pro rata terms.
In Automobile Club, 353 US 180, the prepaid membership dues were income when received because a pro rata recognition of the dues would not match income with expenses and the taxpayer was entitled to keep the dues even if no services were demanded.
For example, allocating expenses of active employees pro rata to all accounts (including those of former employees), while allocating the expenses of former employees only to their accounts, would be unreasonable, because the former employees would he bearing more than an equitable portion of the plan's expenses.
According to mortgage broker Sari Rosenberg, president of Circle Mortgage Brokers, the pro rata formula is derived by taking the underlying mortgage, dividing it by the total number of shares, multiplying by the shares for that particular unit and dividing by the value of the apartment.
This pro rata dividend is the daily equivalent of the current quarterly dividend rate of USD0.
The first amount is the excess of the shareholder's pro rata share of the CFC's excess passive assets (if any) over the earnings of the CFC that already have been included in income for the U.
Monthly interest is allocated first among the class A notes on a pro rata basis and then sequentially to the class B and C notes and the certificates.
1363(d), C's conversion to an S corporation triggered the inclusion of a pro rata share of the affiliated group's pre-S LIFO reserves into C's income.
Allocation of the cost basis of a loan between the portion sold and the portion retained had usually been on a pro rata basis between the portion of principal sold and the portion retained.
691 to any item of income of the S corporation in the same manner as if the decedent had held directly his pro rata share of such item.
A partial liquidation distribution, although resembling a dividend or pro rata stock buyback, is nevertheless treated by the recipient shareholder as a sale or exchange of stock, thus giving rise to a capital gain.
CHICAGO -- In preparation for the potential closing of the merger of Peoples Energy Corporation (NSYE:PGL) with WPS Resources Corporation prior to the next Peoples Energy common stock dividend record date, and in accordance with the merger agreement, the Board of Directors of Peoples Energy today declared a special pro rata dividend to ensure that its shareholders continue to receive their dividend at the current rate until the closing of the merger.