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It called for retailers to be given a periodic 'pay rise' through pro rata term increases to offset increasing overheads.
On the eve of a highly compensated person's divorce, a plan was amended so that expenses for determining whether a domestic relations order is qualified could be allocated pro rata, instead of to the individual's account.
Chase, for instance, has a pro rata of 40 percent, whereas someone like Williamsburg won't look at something with a pro rata of more than 25 percent.
The pro rata dividend declaration is contingent on the completion of the merger prior to June 8, 2007, the next regularly scheduled dividend record date for Duquesne Light Holdings.
shareholder's pro rata share of the CFC's post-September 30, 1993, current and accumulated earnings and profits, reduced by distributions during the year as well as by the portion of these earnings previously subject to tax under section 956A and the investment in U.
Consequently, C is deemed to own a pro rata share of the dealerships' inventories.
Their deliberations should encompass transactions other than IO and PO sales where pro rata cost allocation may not apply.
Dow and Union Carbide had announced on January 31, 2001, that in order to comply with the merger agreement, pro rata dividends would be paid to their respective stockholders.
691 to any item of income of the S corporation in the same manner as if the decedent had held directly his pro rata share of such item.
CHICAGO -- In preparation for the potential closing of the merger of Peoples Energy Corporation (NSYE:PGL) with WPS Resources Corporation prior to the next Peoples Energy common stock dividend record date, and in accordance with the merger agreement, the Board of Directors of Peoples Energy today declared a special pro rata dividend to ensure that its shareholders continue to receive their dividend at the current rate until the closing of the merger.
The pro rata deemed distribution under these regulations appears to conflict with Secs.
A partial liquidation distribution, although resembling a dividend or pro rata stock buyback, is nevertheless treated by the recipient shareholder as a sale or exchange of stock, thus giving rise to a capital gain.
Therefore, in accordance with the terms of the tender offer, the Fund is purchasing shares on a pro rata basis from all tendering stockholders.
The board of directors of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ), has declared a pro rata dividend ensuring that dividend payments to its shareowners -- the former shareowners of Bell Atlantic and GTE, which completed their merger today -- are not adversely affected by the timing of the merger.