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as a formality only


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in a set manner without serious attention

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Accordingly, a Pro Forma financial statement consolidating the financials of the acquired operations for the last year has been filed in an acquistion disclosure.
The due dates for the quarterly submission of pro forma financial statements will now be 30 days following the NAIC filing due dates.
The second Pro Forma Financial Statement is the Balance Sheet (Figure 3).
Though these budgets, as well as the others we've already discussed, provide a great deal of useful information for your marketing, collections, purchasing, and production departments, it's the Cash Budget, as well as the Pro Forma Financial Statements that we'll introduce in the next article, that pull together all of this groundwork to provide information for top management.
In light of the significant amount of accounting and reporting changes incorporated into the historical and current quarter pro forma financial statements, DowDuPont also provided its expected results for the third quarter of 2017:
Accordingly, thought must be given as to how the executives can provide the relevant certifications, particularly in the acquirer's first post-closing SEC periodic report (a current report on Form 8-K, even one with target or pro forma financial statements, need not be certified).
Given the above, serious investment analyses, including the creation of realistic sales development plans and pro forma financial statements, are essential prerequisites for investment decisions.
Traditional pro forma financial statements were commonly used to show the results of some assumed event primarily to ensure amounts from the prior period could be compared to current period amounts.
The Board has also considered recent financial statements, including pro forma financial statements and other available information, and the condition of the U.
The CPA should be sure to make a list for the insurance adjuster of all the assumptions he or she made in preparing the pro forma financial statements, along with the justification for those adjustments.
No adjustment of past years or pro forma financial statements is required.
The preliminary pro forma financial statements present 2010 D&A of $339 million, which includes purchase accounting adjustments associated with the amortization of acquired intangible assets of $134 million, or $0.