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holding first place in a contest


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The prizewinning cartoonists specialize in cleverly depicting metaphors and fantasies as real: Jeremy's mother is shown literally talking her head off, for example, while Jeremy and his father are depicted as sumo wrestlers in a tussle to get Jeremy to put out the garbage.
Michael Cunningham's prizewinning novel and Stephen Landry's film use Dalloway's single day as their template and weave a story of three other women in different generations and places facing similar questions.
Seven weeks after SpaceShipOne's prizewinning flight, Congress passed legislation that makes it easier for experimental spacecraft builders to get permission to launch them, extends limits on lawsuits - and orders space companies to warn passengers that the federal government has not certified the spacecraft's safety.
McCullough's complaint against Jefferson does not appear to be mere political correctness; he displays the same passion for the subject of this biography that he demonstrated in his Pulitzer Prizewinning 1992 biography of Harry S.
Profile of Prizewinning Food Documentarian Les Blank -- The Hidden Language of Flowers in Movies
The Hopwood Awards is very highly recommended reading for its showcased compilation of prizewinning literary talent.
The third volume in the prizewinning From African Beginning series, Building a New Land offers under-chronicled scenes from African American history such as James Oglethorpe's influence on the early anti-slavery laws in Georgia and the Stono Rebellion as well as commentary on the cultural traditions maintained by the slaves.
Tim O'Brien's prizewinning collection of short fiction about an infantry platoon traveling through the booby-trapped jungles of Vietnam reads like a flashback you keep hoping is only a nightmare.
This photo was one of 12 prizewinning pictures in a competition organized by BASF to mark Germany's Year of Chemistry.
This exciting sequel to Shusterman's prizewinning The Shadow Club takes up the story of 14-year-old Jared a few months after the Shadow Club has been disbanded.
The company's main product is C-Pen, its prizewinning data pen.
They are named in honor of the late Nobel Prizewinning physicist Richard Feynman, whose 1959 talk "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom" inspired many researchers to pursue the ultimate in miniaturization.
The prizewinning work proposes a new generation of softeners whose central component is glycerine in a range of completely new molecular compounds, for which a patent application has been filed.