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holding first place in a contest


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Poe's proposed measure will give a P5-million reward to a feature film (90 to 120 minutes long) that receives international recognition, and P3-million to a prize-winning short (20 minutes or less).
He adapted Mantel's two Booker Prize-winning novels, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, into the six-part BBC 2 series about Thomas Cromwell who rose from humble beginnings to become Henry VIII's chief minister.
A prize-winning book only needs to have some minimal level of fit to reach the threshold at which a person will deem a book as worthy of reading, whereas a book that has not won a prize must distinguish itself as worthy in other ways, such as having underlying attributes that signal attractiveness to the reader," they write.
On song to win YOUNG composer Adam James was one of six prize-winning finalists in the Evening Chronicle song competition back in 1985.
WINNER: David Blamey, of Tonyrefail, with his first prize-winning cabbage
FITCHBURG - Fitchburg Art Museum has announced the prize-winning artists in the 73rd annual Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft sponsored by TD Banknorth.
A Somerset farmer showed off his massive prize-winning bull called Field Marshall.
A foreword by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Rick Atkinson and an afterword by Whitehead's colleague Command Sergeant Major Benjamin Franklin (U.
Prize-winning poet John Menaghan presents She Alone, a sequene of poetry in book form that follows the life of a woman from birth to death and beyond.
A NORTH Wales abattoir has donated an elite prize-winning ram to the Welsh Mountain Sheep Society (Registered section).
According to Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, "Our big wars--and the war on terrorism ranks with the big ones--have a way of starting in the first year of a decade.
NEWHALL - The Canyon Theatre Guild has two plays opening this weekend, one based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and the other on a classic children's book.
Andrew's Episcopal School in September told Cary McNair, a leading donor, that he could keep a $3 million pledge after he objected to the use of "Brokeback Mountain," a gay love story by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx.
released a movie directed by Steven Spielberg based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Alice Walker novel The Color Purple (Harvest Books [reprint], May 2003).
Author Angie Estes' first poetry collection since her prize-winning "Voice Over", Chez Nous is based on the theme that in the postmodern, post-Holocaust world, the only "home" available to people is that of language.