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the winner of a lottery

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Third prize winner Arnold Liwanag arrived about 30 minutes late as he came from Sta.
First prize winner Carol Leidy of RE/MAX Gold in Auburn, Calif.
TWO Chipper Club members had an extra special reason to celebrate Bonfire Night this year - they were the lucky prize winners in our recent fireworks competition.
Tex-La-Guif Section, Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Division)--First Prize Winner of a weekend getaway valued up to $2000 or $1500 cash.
The Grand Prize winner was awarded a Nikon N60 camera with a 28-80mm lens; 1st place winners received an Olympus Epic Zoom 80 camera; the Kids Only winner, a Canon Sure Shot WP-1.
For more information about the Fylmz Festival's 2007 Grand Prize Winner, The Standard, visit www.
Grand prize winner Sara Salahor from Van Nuys High penned a play, ``The First Date,'' in which two young people discuss the most nightmarish dates they have experienced.
com community will select five finalists through a series of three voting rounds, after which a Grand Prize winner will be chosen by a panel of judges including Carolyn K.
The Fischoff National Chamber Music Association named Quintet Attacca of Chicago the Grand Prize winner of the 2002 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, held May 10-12, 2002, at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend.
Next to the ``Hollywood Square Crows'' was the scarecrow of the grand prize winner, Carla Hunt Smallwood.
Remy, a Lhasa apso owned by Joyce Hoebel of Santa Monica, who was named grand prize winner and the calendar's cover dog.
This year's grand prize winner, Leslie Sullivan, a broker/owner with RE/MAX Hometown in Magnolia, Texas, will receive a full suite of HP mobile products(1) that will enable her to further personalize and improve her business solutions.
Two of the deceased recipe creators - Leona Schnuelle, the $25,000 grand prize winner at the 1960 Bake-Off for her Dilly Casserole Bread, and Freda Smith, a finalist at the 1957 Bake-Off with Peanut Blossoms - were represented by their daughters.
How do you welcome home a Nobel Prize winner, UCLA-style?
A one-of-a-kind plush teddy bear replica, and a $500 savings bond prize will be awarded to the first place winner in each category (ages 3 to 5, ages 6 to 8, ages 9 to 12 and ages 13 and up), while one grand prize winner will have their design put into production, with a portion of the proceeds of this bear benefiting Operation Orphanage in Haiti.