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change from governmental to private control or ownership

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It may be mentioned here that Senator Raza Rabbani in a press conference alleged that the government was privatizing the SOEs without consulting the provincial governments.
The Century Foundation found that privatizing Social Security would slash benefits by 44 percent.
The plan calls for privatizing the four entities into an asset-and debt-management organization and six other entities, including three to be spun off by JH.
Dismantling the pyramid: The why and how of privatizing Social Security (The Cato Project on Social Security Privatization SSP No.
On May 20, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proposed to fulfill part of the Bush Administration mandate by privatizing its Seafood Inspection Program.
The government on Wednesday unveiled a plan for the privatization of four public highway and bridge corporations, under which priority is placed on privatizing their administrative departments.
The Pakistan Privatization Commission said Thursday it is privatizing 49 entities during the next two years and is expecting $4 billion from the sales.
The question of reforming Social Security has become a question of privatizing Social Security.
The declining economy and state bureaucratization also threatened the elites, who responded by further privatizing charity, earmarking funds for institutions and causes which would help their kin, their clients, and themselves.
O'Leary's May proposal recommended that four PMAs be privatized and that the largest, the Bonneville Power Administration, be made into a government corporation, with the eventual goal of privatizing it, too.
Recently, the Borough of Sussex, New Jersey, experimented with privatizing another service traditionally administered only by the public sector--the police department.
org/privatization), privatizing waste offers communities many benefits.
PPP has called upon all provincial governments to hold debates in assembly sessions and adopt resolutions to force federal government shun its policy of privatizing national assets and institutions.
Committee's members opposed privatization of profit-making institutions as the experience of privatizing PTCL was not good.
Mike Haridopolos urging him not to support bills that call for privatizing the state's prisons.