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change from governmental to private control or ownership

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Nocos said this kind of approach would address some of industry stakeholders' concerns that privatizing the assets will 'undermine the patrimony of Mindanao.
Schumer said that privatizing the ATC system could hurt consumers and squeeze the pockets of countless airline passengers, who are already being forced to pay for high ticket prices.
In a 3-2 vote, council voted down a request from Phil Cox to have city administrators prepare a report on cost for the service and possible consideration of privatizing the service.
Recommendation: To facilitate more efficient operations before, during, and after the transition from service-operated to privatized lodging, the Secretary of Army should direct the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment), working with the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management and the Commander, Installation Management Command, and other appropriate stakeholders, to develop a single, comprehensive transition plan for future lodging privatization that includes details on key aspects of privatizing.
Bush argues his partial privatizing plan would help close the age-old racial gap.
Kaoru Yosano, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Policy Research Council, said Sunday the government and the LDP will start discussions on postal reforms this week based on the premise of privatizing postal services.
Chile has earned billions of dollars privatizing ports that dot its coast, giving private operators control of the infrastructure that ships copper, fruit, fish and, of course, wine to the world.
The scheme calls for privatizing the four highway builders into seven entities in fiscal 2005, as proposed by a government advisory panel, but dodges a call by the panel for giving debt repayments priority over construction of new highways.
More recently, Democrats in Congress have done their best to discredit the idea of partially privatizing Social Security through the introduction of individual accounts.
This story looks at the risk of privatizing environmental watchdogs.
ITEM: President Bush, reported CBS News on December 11th, "signed an order creating a commission to look into overhauling and perhaps even privatizing the U.
Under state regulations, privatizing Co-op City would require two affirmative votes from residents.
By privatizing the work, the Air Force estimated it could save $5.
Take the Japan Highway Public Corporation, which the new administration has discussed privatizing or abolishing entirely.
The government on Wednesday unveiled a plan for the privatization of four public highway and bridge corporations, under which priority is placed on privatizing their administrative departments.