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change from governmental to private control or ownership

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The privatized state capital and assets amount to 5.
One small enterprise, 12 non-residential areas, 4 vehicles were privatized in Baku, 1 small enterprise and 4 non-residential areas were privatized in other regions and cities of the country.
In the case of the BOC, 'we're studying whether or not some customs functions may be privatized legally, and assuming we can't, we can just solicit help from the industry groups to at least help in ensuring that importations are reported correctly,' Joven said.
Schumer said airlines are already raking in billions in profits and monetizing every atom of the airplane and, under a privatized ATC system, airlines will have even more power.
These entities could not be privatized without the approval of Council of Common Interests (CCI).
They resolved to not let any contractor enter the offices of the PESCO if the feeders of district Bannu were privatized.
In the previous Iranian calendar year which ended March 20 eight power plants were privatized, the ISNA News Agency quoted Behzad as saying.
In the previous Iranian calendar year which ended March 20, eight power plants were privatized, the ISNA News Agency quoted Behzad as saying.
Since the license fee will remain in place even if RTP-1 is privatized and the savings will be limited to the state's direct contribution, critics see the real reason as a ploy to mute political opposition to Portugal's prime minister, 48-year-old Pedro Passos Coelho of the center-right Social Democratic Party.
The timeline likely would make this the first sizable airport privatized under a test Federal Aviation Administration program.
Four thermal power plants were earlier reported to be privatized apart from portfolio groups.
He also suspects plans of preparing to remove the company from the list of state entities that cannot be privatized.
Army privatized lodging at 10 installations in August 2009 and plans to privatize its remaining domestic facilities in the future.
Through a privatized program, "there will be a shortfall initially until people with accounts start retiring and easing the burden on the government," concedes Moore.
By taking into account their complete privatization, we need to start working to eliminate possible negative effects when (postal services) become fully privatized,'' Yosano said in an NHK television program.