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change from governmental to private control or ownership

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In 2014, the country privatized 400 small state enterprises and facilities, non-residential areas and unfinished buildings.
Raza Rabbani said they would form a workers front after Eid as they were of the view that sensitive and strategic institutions should not be privatized.
Iranian Energy Minister Majid Namjou said last November that according to the Constitution, the generation and distribution sectors of the power industry should be privatized and the transmission sector should remain state-owned.
Recommendation: To better ensure that the Army is spending its financial resources as efficiently as possible, the Secretary of the Army should direct the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management and the Commander, Installation Management Command, working with the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment), to assess the costs and benefits of the Army or a private developer repairing life-safety and critical infrastructure deficiencies at facilities in future groups to be privatized.
NTT claims its optical fiber network was built on competitive terms after it was privatized.
Colleges nationwide are learning that privatized development, management and even ownership of new student residences can help them meet housing needs without straining the college's bottom line.
Iquique was privatized in 1999 and Arica was slated for sate on the same day at the same auction, although technical issues stemming from Bolivia's ties with the port kept investors away, says Patricio Campana, manager of the Arica port authority.
For more than a decade, other provincial governments have been looking for ways to unload their social responsibilities onto municipalities, non-profit agencies and privatized programs, all of them ill-equipped to handle the burden.
Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Nobuteru Ishihara said Monday the government will own a minimum one-third of shares in the entities to be set up after four public highway corporations are privatized in fiscal 2005.
Proponents of this perspective offer a way to view old-age policy that often leads to proposals to cut back on entitlement programs for the elderly and to place more emphasis on privatized alternatives.
The plan drafted by the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry calls for administrative departments to be privatized first to increase operational efficiency, while maintaining the construction departments as public corporations, ministry officials said.
peasants who privatized their allotments and left the commune vs.
The future of privatized electricity providers looks promising, given the fact that electrical consumption is rising and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.