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change from governmental to private control or ownership

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The government wants RTP to reduce its budget by $70 million and, in order to achieve the cuts, privatize RTP-2.
The intention is to privatize but if you're going to privatize something, people want something that doesn't have a hundred-ton anchor weighing it down," Sheikh Mohammad bin Essa al-Khalifa, head of the Economic Development Board, told Reuters.
By marching forward to privatize my Social Security benefits, President Bush and the Republican Party are taking the first step down a slippery slope from which there is no return.
Koizumi has pledged to privatize the four corporations -- JH, Metropolitan Expressway Public Corp.
In this context, critics of proposals to privatize Social Security argue that the more privileged members of society have an obligation to protect low-wage and vulnerable workers in retirement (Baker, 1997).
Every year, government agencies survey functions they could privatize.
Indeed, Treasury Undersecretary Peter Fisher explicitly gave assurances about the commission's aim: "This is not a stealth project to privatize the Postal Service.
The only group that appears alarmed so far is his fellow pols and bureaucrats, who are stunned by proposals to trim pork-barrel spending, streamline services, and privatize the country's wildly inefficient public corporations, the government-supported companies that handle the business generated by public policy--building bridges, digging for oil, and so forth.
The land ministry intends to privatize the entity when a scheme for repayment of loans is worked out.
A historical geographer, she has previously written seminal essays on aspects of the Imperial Russian government's attempts to destroy the peasant commune, consolidate and privatize agricultural lands, and create independent and civic-minded farmers.
Pakistan has privatized nearly 100 industrial units since the privatization process was launched in 1990, but bids to privatize major corporations like Pakistan Telecom and two major banks have failed because of related scandals.
She bluntly rejects suggestions that DOE privatize its 27 national research laboratories, which cost taxpayers nearly $3 billion a year.
Increasingly, however, communities are beginning to privatize services that were once exclusively within the realm of the public sector.
In addition to these documented advantages of private solid waste management, the study describes how cities can privatize their garbage collection, disposal and recycling programs while protecting the environment and often while maintaining employment.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister of State for Federal Education, Professional Training, Interior and Narcotics Control Mohammad Baligh Ur Rehman on Thursday said the government has prepared a policy to privatize institutions in the larger interest of the country.