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Synonyms for privateness

the condition of being concealed or hidden

the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others

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46 Note: Comparison model: Block 1 (warmth, dominance, rule-consciousness, social boldness, vigilance, abstractedness, privateness, radicalism, self-reliance).
Non-public network protocol has the feature of privateness, thus the protocol analysts are faced with the problems of the complication and ambiguity of the protocol space.
40) As Kiernan suggests, it seems unlikely that a Latin version was "in hand" in 1605, though one soon may have been: in a letter probably no later than July 1608, Bacon wrote to Thomas Playfere, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, to invite him to embark upon a Latin translation, "the privateness of the language considered wherein it is written, excluding so many readers.
The tension between those two poles-between the publicness of advertising and the privateness of memory and taste-is one we see enacted every day in hundreds of Twitter and Facebook updates: the self assembled through what we now call "likes," the cultural items of which we approve.
You certainly can't have that delicious privateness of a book.
It is evident from this quotation that even in its origins, the concept of the public sphere relegated women to the realm of privateness.
With respect to personality characteristics which are not generally considered clinical, unrealistic self-presentation and self-control (Dillon 1983), privateness and self-reliance (Haynes, Tan, & Baker, 1990), affective commitment to the mission organization (Wilcox, 1995), understanding/ accepting of differences, ability to cope with social/professional situations, openness to/acceptance of change, humility/dedication, capacity to adjust to demands (Kennedy & Dreger, 1974), enthusiasm, group-orientation, being cool and reserved, and conservative (Cousineau, Hall, Rosik, & Hall, 2007), shrewdness (Pelo, 2005) and exhibiting less task-orientation and more creative thought processes (Adams, 2008) were all related to facets of success.
Mainstream economic theory in the Hardin vein assumes that these problems derive not from the privateness of property, but from residual 'commons' (such as air and water being incompletely privatised).
its privateness or publicness) and the existence of cognizable privacy and liberty interests on the part of individuals who engage in sex at that site.
touches upon a broad range of subjects, giving a concise history of the automobile industry itself, but also delving into the idea of Soviet "automobilism" as sociocultural practice and examining the ways the privateness of the automobile interacted and conflicted with state goals.
Their chief use for pastimes is in privateness and retiring; for ornament is in discourse, and for ability is in judgment.
Through his privateness, Orwell demonstrated a firm realism, in the
It is necessary to pay attention to the historicity of Woolf's understanding of privateness if we are to gauge the seriousness and tenacity of her commitment to the ideal of a privatized individuality.
The literature reviewed found that conscientiousness, neuroticism, privateness, self-reliance, independence, self-control, extroversion, and the ability to bind anxiety were all linked to various definitions of job success.