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Synonyms for privateer

an officer or crew member of a privateer

a privately owned warship commissioned to prey on the commercial shipping or warships of an enemy nation

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Faultless in qualifying to bag his first pole position, the Moroccan privateer kept a host of factory drivers at bay to win the Main Race.
And now that the rough-edged rogue needs polishing to claim his inheritance, she's willing to strike a practical bargain: Kate will mold the brash privateer into an acceptable English nobleman if Deverill will safeguard her from brigands on a voyage to recover lost family treasure.
The exploits of Thomas Boyle, one of the best-known privateer captains, make for fascinating reading.
Privateer ships Zebu and Ruth took on pirate vessel Vilmain in an action-packed battle, and notorious pirates including Blackbeard and Barbarossa were brought to life.
13 Rebellion Racing R-One car heads into the season finale, the Six Hours of Bahrain, as champions in the LMP1 Privateer Class in the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship.
Privateer Holdings, an investment firm focused on the global legal cannabis industry, has said that it has appointed Federal Reserve Bank examiner, Dante Tosetti, as director of Treasury Compliance.
On the way home, however, she was seized by a British privateer who refused to recognise her papers and took her into Bristol as a prize.
This authority allows the privateer to detain targets, bring them before the sovereign, and receive compensation based on successes, much like a bounty hunter.
17 July 2013 - US private equity firm Privateer Holdings Inc said it had closed a series A financing round, raising USD7m (EUR5.
17 July 2013 a[euro]" US private equity firm Privateer Holdings Inc said it had closed a series A financing round, raising USD7m (EUR5.
profession of privateer," (144) and piracy could be the outcome of
Francis Drake (later to be knighted) was England's most famous privateer.
Moreover, the IC might not like how, and against whom, the privateer enforces the patents.
Appendices list captures by type, number of captures by each privateer, and captures by home port of the privateer.
American merchants who wished to engage in privateering needed to obtain a letter of marque and reprisal from the federal government and to post bonds that the privateer's owners would forfeit if the privateer broke the law (Petrie 1999, 9-10; Tabarrok 2007, 570).