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a privately employed group hired to protect the security of a business or industry

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Prince wants to make those private security forces "military employees of the Afghan government," he explained to CNN host Burnett on Monday.
A well-prepared private security force understands government regulations, client expectations, terrorist threat levels, and more.
And a private security force was drafted in at the mansion owned by their actor pal George Clooney.
We stopped in the "Embassy Row" area, which was a virtual obstacle course of cement roadblocks and private security force personnel.
We believe we have the best private security force in the nation, but we can never relax or become complacent," he says.
Officials at Southern California airports have no plans to remove federal screeners and return to a private security force.
The private security force that patrols the campus of 1,000 students never included Fisher's suspicions in the report they circulated around the campus.
But, Brian Scudder reports, their reign of terror may come to an end when a new private security force takes to patrolling the seas.
A private security force in direct communication with the New York City Police Department provides auxiliary security services.
In November 1998, federal authorities dismissed the entire private security force at Cancun's international airport for allegedly allowing transport of cocaine shipments from South America.
Knight-Ridder brought a private security force into Monterey to watch over the transition when Guild members threatened to strike after hearing that every employee from the managing editor on down had to take IQ, grammar and spelling tests as part of the reapplication process.
But even his own boards rebelled against the notion of a private security force numbering in the 500s that would supplement the local police precinct, and last Spring, after a disastrous board presidents meeting, Milstein retreated from the idea.
Barely a week goes by without one of the national dailies reporting the start-up of a new private security force patrolling local estates.
Jassim Al-Saadi told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / nina / that a private security force arrested the mastermind of the bombings of power transmission Towers in a quality operation carried out in the vicinity of Imam Wais area, northeast of Baquba, who was one of the high leaders in the Daash organization.
Manalo said the meeting also tackled the protocols followed by the Southern Police District, which received Cornejo's first report on the alleged rape attempt, and the private security force of Forbeswood in connection with Jan.
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