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a privately employed group hired to protect the security of a business or industry

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Officials at Southern California airports have no plans to remove federal screeners and return to a private security force.
But, Brian Scudder reports, their reign of terror may come to an end when a new private security force takes to patrolling the seas.
In November 1998, federal authorities dismissed the entire private security force at Cancun's international airport for allegedly allowing transport of cocaine shipments from South America.
Knight-Ridder brought a private security force into Monterey to watch over the transition when Guild members threatened to strike after hearing that every employee from the managing editor on down had to take IQ, grammar and spelling tests as part of the reapplication process.
When a private security force, such as a trained Westec team with former police officers, effectively acts as the police, does it trigger the Fourth Amendment?
But even his own boards rebelled against the notion of a private security force numbering in the 500s that would supplement the local police precinct, and last Spring, after a disastrous board presidents meeting, Milstein retreated from the idea.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that a private security force dismantled and arrested armed elements of sleeping cell linked to Daash in a security operation carried out in the northern areas of the city of Baquba.
State Department to provide a private security force for the U.
In reality, East Jerusalem is becoming an arena where extremist organizations take over property in questionable ways, deploy a private security force funded by the government -- which, according to the Ministry of Housing, cost about 80 million shekels in 2008 --all the while working to stir up tensions with the Palestinian residents.
This time, the attackers were foiled by small-arms fire from a private security force onboard.
BUSINESS leaders in Liverpool last night called for the introduction of a "Zero Tolerance" private security force across the city centre.
WASHINGTON - Despite a congressman's contention that operators of nearly a quarter of the nation's airports no longer want government employees screening passengers and baggage, officials at Southern California airports say they have no plans to return to a private security force.
Successes in the 28-square blocks of the district include lower crime rates (down 25 percent), thanks to the Partnership's 43-man private security force, and cleaner streets, due to the efforts of the Partnership's 62-man private sanitation team.
Diyala Police Chief Brigadier General Jassem al-Saadi told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that a private security force and based on intelligence information found a large warehouse of explosives in Thelab Valley area in the outskirts of Imam Wais area northeast of Baquba.
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