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As a result, a parent's confidence level isn't high, leading him or her to hire a private investigator.
Badger was a Marine sniper who became a successful FBI agent, who, due to an unfortunate development that still haunts him, left the agency to become a cage fighter for two years before becoming a private investigator.
html) Spoiler TV's preview of the upcoming episode, Castle arrives at a crime scene, unannounced, and tells Beckett and co that he can now legally investigate the case, as he has a private investigator license.
Following a long meeting with Mr Moore, I formed a view that the conclusion raised by the private investigator with respect to Mr Moore was incorrect.
He wrote: "In 2013 expenditure on private investigators amounted to [euro]3,971.
CARDIFF council has spent more than any other local authority in Wales on private investigators, the Echo can reveal.
Beginning in September 2013, the defendant is accused of telling the private investigator he wanted the unnamed woman killed.
A list of 102 names has been passed to the Home Affairs Select Committee by Soca, understood to include celebrities, local councils and law firms, linked to private investigators who directly or indirectly received personal data against the law.
Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery were at the corrupt nexus of private investigator, police officers and journalists at the News Of The World.
In my view, private investigators, insurers and their solicitors cannot be trusted to self regulate, and appropriate safeguards such as those that apply to public authorities should be introduced.
Documents showed private investigator Derek Webb was paid to follow and record the movements of Mr Watson for five days during the Labour Party conference in Brighton in 2009.
According to the Daily Mail, a private investigator was hired to tail lawyers Mark Lewis and Charlotte Harris and record their movements.
LONDON, July 22, 2011 (Frontier Star): The High Court here in London ordered the Police to provide information, to Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan, which indicates that their telephone messages might have been intercepted by a private investigator working for the press.
Nick Davies, a journalist writing for The Guardian who has doggedly exposed the dubious news-gathering practices in the British press, mentions that Zardaris credit-card statement was obtained by a private investigator for The Sunday Times.
THE Tyneside private investigator who allegedly mined police information on former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is today revealed as a former soldier and keen gardener who "never discusses his job".
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