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Journalist Richard Ingrams (left) pictured with comedian Peter |Cook, a chief shareholder in Private Eye, in 1981
In 2012, he told a newspaper he became a private eye after hiring one to find another ex wife.
He said: "The front cover of the current edition of Private Eye has been brought to the attention of the Attorney General, but it has been decided that proceedings for a potential contempt of court are not required in this case.
A source at Private Eye said: "We don't have any comment.
Over the years, Private Eye has taken a great deal of interest in Margaret Thatcher and even produced a 'souvenir' issue (Private Eye number 1338) to mark her death.
But he says he jumped at the chance to appear in the private eye drama, which is set in Ireland.
Since Ian Hislop replaced Richard Ingrams as editor in 1986, there is more of the latter, but Private Eye remains an outlet for stories mainstream publications are reluctant to publish.
In an age of instant news and almost-as-instant views, Britain's top satirical magazine Private Eye is going strong at the ripe old age of 50, a milestone it reaches Tuesday.
The witty team captain of Have I Go News For You and long-standing editor u of satirical magazine Private Eye admits e the plethora of political misdeeds and celebrity outrages have left him spoiled for choice.
But this month Private Eye claimed Rose had silenced Paxo with a dinner invite that rapidly took a turn for the weird.
IT can be a bit hit-and-miss - but Private Eye is still the only magazine which prompts so many laugh-out-loud moments.
RYANAIR received short shrift when it threatened British satirical magazine Private Eye with "legal proceedings" unless it handed over pounds 1,000 to the charity Orbis Ireland.
DESPITE its bold aspirations, many who know the firm know it has had its knockers, notably at satirical magazine Private Eye and the Dad's Place website.
What: A modern-day Chicago wizard moonlights as a private eye.
The tough, cynical private eye that may not be as crooked as he seems, the intricate plot, the femme fatale, the outsized villains, the object of lust and desire--it's all here.
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