private enterprise

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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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However, his pleas are nothing if not risible as he declares his support for private enterprise in which he claims 'an unshakeable faith.
Does not this WAG understand that private enterprise need loans not bridges and cafes that no one will use because we are all out of work
L) announced on Friday that Sarah Lamberg has been appointed to the US Private Enterprise underwriting team.
Question Kirklees Metropolitan Council and the national government as to why taxpayers' money constantly goes to private enterprise.
I believe history will show that the golden age of the free market and private enterprise was nothing more than a self-serving period of worshipping at the feet of false golden idols and we the people will be paying the price for years to come.
As a public private enterprise, the hotspot at Brooklyn Bridge Park is the result of a joint effort undertaken by Two Trees Management and the newly established DUMBO Improvement District.
The thesis of the reindustrialization project: that there needs to be a new monopoly agreement, a rapprochement between Big Government, Big Business, and, as a sensible addition, Big Labor, so that the rest of us can be harnessed to a centrally planned, smoothly humming economy which, through some delirious misuse of language, will be called free private enterprise or capitalism.
So, SREs have become the conduit to private enterprise.
CGSI was founded as a private enterprise in 1995, but began 20 years earlier as a specialized publication producer of the Congressional Environmental and Energy Study Conference in the House of Representatives.
GUM's stores served as instruments of the Bolsheviks' goals of conquering private enterprise and rebuilding it along socialist lines and of democratizing consumption for workers and peasants nationwide.
Benjamin Franklin's pathbreaking work on electricity, Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, Thomas Edison's numerous inventions, and the Wright brothers' airplanes are all examples of private enterprise fueling scientific and technological advancement.
This case has battered the whole of Dominican society," says Elena Viyella de Paliza, president of the Consejo Nacional de la Empresa Privada, the country's largest private enterprise group.
In a major shift of the way it does business, the Military Traffic Management Command has decided to let private enterprise manage its containers and leasing operations.
In fact, Tim Draper, the wealthy venture capitalist who authored Proposition 38, the atrocious voucher measure that was resoundingly defeated by California voters in the spring, noted almost 10 years ago that education represents an interesting frontier for private enterprise.
Regarding the former, one person could just mean private enterprise while another is referring to a full-scale system of economic relations; a third person can mean the drive to accumulate wealth and power and a fourth can be focusing on the profit motive.
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