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Fifteen finalists were chosen among all companies -- 10 public companies and 5 private corporations -- by a judging committee composed by professors and consultants of the accounting sector.
In 2004, private corporations gave PBS producers $184 million for programming, representing 35 percent of PBS' total revenue.
Being a director of a private corporation with minority stockholders can be the most difficult of all positions.
It's no longer a Brown Act body, it's a private corporation with contracts,'' Greuel said.
However, choosing a VAN simply for conducting business with the federal government is easier than choosing one for business with various private corporations.
They are a private corporation that contracts to help expedite film services in the city,'' Hahn says.
But the court found that fact issues existed, precluding summary judgment, as to whether the employee of the private corporation became a state actor by using prison disciplinary proceedings to obtain a "judgment" against the inmate.
EIDC officials say it is a private corporation, and deny it or its officials have done anything wrong.
Before the 1994 elections, the administration proposed turning the air-traffic control system into a government corporation and has signaled recently that it is open to a fully private corporation.
PCHC is a private corporation owned by commercial banks, which are members of the Bankers Association of the Philippines.
At the heart of the issue is whether the EIDC is classified as a public agency, which is prohibited from making political contributions, or a private corporation, which can make contributions.
The Rockefeller Group is a private corporation dedicated to excellence in commercial real estate, property management, and telecommunications services to commercial clients.
Diversification of liquid cash balances into other forms of investments, such as federal Treasury and private corporation notes, along with increased property and sales tax revenues, has helped expand the city portfolio, said Steve Stark, director of administrative services for the city.
As a not-for-profit private corporation, the purchase will allow SIBL to be exempt from real estate taxes.
Pay Linx is a private corporation and a reporting issuer soon to be listed on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange (TSVX).