prisoner of war camp

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a camp for prisoners of war

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HISTORY The camp archive, which is up for sale today VISION The drawing of Captain Strachan, inset, performing surgery at the Japanese Prisoner of War camp operating table
More than 65 years after the event, details of the escape have been revealed by villagers in Comrie, Perthshire, as part of a community research project into Cultybraggan Prisoner of War camp.
The end of the war did not see the end of Island Farm's service as a prisoner of war camp.
They give an intimate insight into life in First World War Prisoner of War camps and reveal how British internees refused to let capture and confinement dampen their spirits.
He is now being held at a prisoner of war camp to the south-west ofalZubayr,an Iraqi town which lies a short distance from Basra.
It will guide visitors around the site's key historical features - including four Bronze Age burial cairns, a former aircraft battery and a prisoner of war camp.
The initial work to save Harperley Prisoner of War Camp in County Durham means the crumbling structures are safe from the elements and removed from immediate danger.
By JEREMY ARMSTRONG A PRISONER of war camp has gone up for sale for pounds 900,000 - on eBay.
One said: "It's like a Japanese prisoner of war camp here already.
A MODEL plane made out of items found by a captured British pilot in the "Great escape" Prisoner of War camp will be auctioned in the midlands.
BETWEEN 1943 and 48, a corner of what is now the King George V playing field in Huyton was a German prisoner of war camp.
It starts tonight at 10pm on the UKTV History channel, and tells the story of his escape from a Nazi prisoner of war camp in Austria at the age of 14.
Island farm was originally a prisoner of war camp just outside Bridgend built to house workers at the town's munitions factory.
Tipton never received the Purple Heart he was entitled to after he was freed from a Nazi prisoner of war camp in June 1945.
THE first prisoner of war camp to be named as a Scheduled Monument was announced yesterday by Arts Minister Tessa Blackstone.
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