prisoner of war camp

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a camp for prisoners of war

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Camp 21 Comrie - also known as Cultybraggan Camp - was one of more than 60 prisoner of war camps set up in Scotland.
A FASCINATING exhibition revealing what life was like in and around Huyton's World War II Internment and Prisoner of War camps has opened in Huyton Library.
Lazarus said: "He enlisted in 1939 and sadly - or, as it turned out, luckily - dad was captured about a year or so after joining the army's campaign and was taken to a prisoner of war camp in Czechoslovakia by the Germans.
e men are believed to have died between August and December 1918 at Heilsberg prisoner of war camp in the east of Germany - the region was ceded to Poland after the Second World War and Heilsberg is now Lidzbark Warminski.
Today Johnnie Tait and David Dunn are packing their tools as they fly out to Stalag luft prisoner of war camp in Zagan to reconstruct the watchtower.
From a 19th-century hospital to a colliery winding house, Wales' oldest theatre to a Prisoner of War Camp and a hydro-electric station to ancient castles, visitors can explore all types of the country's fascinating buildings and sites, with 400 to discover.
1944: The break out of prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III by 76 inmates began - the inspiration for the movie The Great Escape.
WHILE we're focused on Lambourn of long ago, there was correspondence both locally and from as far afield as Germany following a recent Lambourn Life column which referred to the fact that Tony McCoy (right) lived on a former prisoner of war camp at Lodge Down.
Red was wounded and was captured by the Germans and placed in a prisoner of war camp where he spent the next four months.
A former prisoner of war camp is being sold on ebay for nearly pounds 1 million.
The British Government interred some 1,800 Irishmen after the Easter Rising of 1916 at Frongoch, a remote prisoner of war camp near Bala.
The young Russian, Maxim, has escaped from a nearby prisoner of war camp and is hiding in the barn.
He'd arrived home ahead of the letters announcing his release from a German prisoner of war camp.
JENNIFER Collins' Family Tree letter requesting information about her grandfather's walk home from a prisoner of war camp in Poland in 1945 was of great interest.
For years afterward, people would come up to Hoover at air shows and tell him they had been in the Stalag Luft 1 prisoner of war camp with him.
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