prison house

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Synonyms for prison house

a prisonlike situation


a correctional institution where persons are confined while on trial or for punishment

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Initially, 22 prisoners escaped through the side gate of the prison house, but five of them were eventually captured by authorities, said Torregac, adding the prisoners also released their hostages.
The prison house of the JVA Detmold has an approximately square plan with a large courtyard and is 4 storeys.
Towers erected on the four corners of the prison house armed policemen who keep a watch on the prisoners round the clock.
A CAMPAIGN is being mounted to stop the building of a carport on the site of Owain Glyndwr's prison house.
The difference is that, this time, the frame of the image is no longer the prison house of the movement that occurs within it.
Xanana was moved from the Cipinang Correctional Institute in eastern Jakarta to his current prison house in central Jakarta in February at the request of U.
In the JVA Biitzow the prison house A and the adjacent star should be reason Repaired.
Security has now been tightened and the cash box is now kept in a safe at the prison house.
The Scottish Mirror can reveal secret plans are being drawn up which will see the former prison house around 300 asylum seekers.
Contract award: roofing and plumbing prison house 4
The estimated cost for the prison house were EUR 6.
Contract notice: Food supply for the needs of vratsa prison, correctional and prison house boychinovtsi merger lots.
Khalis Police Directorate prison houses more than / 350 / detainees, most of them accused of terrorism.
The overcrowded Korydallos prison houses a wide array of inmates, ranging from common criminals to anarchists and corrupt politicians.
A spokesman said: "Comparisons between prisons are very difficult when each prison houses a very different population of prisoners.