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Croxteth Crew member Anthony Jewell organised shootings from his prison cell using an illegal mobile phone, a trial heard in 2013.
Lieutenant Abdul Rahman Al Hasheimi, duty officer at Al Rashidiya police station, instructed that the victim be moved from the prison cell to the detention room.
A MAN charged with murdering a grandad has been found dead in his Teesside prison cell.
Prisoners in Switzerland are receiving a different way to calm down and that is by staying in a prison cell painted pink.
Contract notice: SchwEnbisch gmE-nd, prison cell of god, restoration building with a cloister, architectural services under part 3, section 1 hoai.
Summary: Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak has been deemed well enough to return to his prison cell after more than a month in hospital.
Passing sentence Judge Norman Wright said the room was like "a prison cell from a Third World country".
I am particularly concerned at the way one of the leaders, Paul David Williams, was able to run his illegal business from his prison cell.
A MAN accused of possessing an illegal firearm and ammunition at his Rugby home has been found hanged in his prison cell.
Oldcastle Precast offers a unique rear-chase precast concrete prison cell that has the electrical and plumbing fixtures on the back wall and monolithic balconies on the front and rear of the module.
The body of Essam Atta, 24, was sent to hospital on Thursday, but his relatives alleged that his jailers tortured him for attempting to bring a cell phone into his prison cell and used hoses to force huge amounts of water and soap into his body, but this led to his death.
Who would not be fascinated to spend a night in a prison cell without having had a run in with the law?
THE recent reports on prisoners claiming their human rights and winning their appeals really does make the British justice system stink of stupidity Human rights should be waived when someone enters a prison cell and as a further punishment their passports and driving licenses should be withheld for a further five years after release.
04 (Saba) -- Lebanese Shiite armed group Hezbollah confirmed Thursday that a jailed member of its group in Egypt has escaped his prison cell.
He was allegedly severely beaten in his prison cell at a detention facility in Damascus by an inmate serving a sentence for criminal offense.