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exhibiting spectral colors formed by refraction of light through a prism

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Venerable hunter, you have often witnessed similar prismatic experiments--"
Notwithstanding what may be called in these pages the Pruney and Prismatic nature of the family banquet, Mr Dorrit several times fell asleep while it was in progress.
Up came the sun, steaming all over London, and in its glorious impartiality even condescending to make prismatic sparkles in the whiskers of Mr Alfred Lammle as he sat at breakfast.
K2) today announced it has been awarded a US Navy Phase I SBIR for the development of a Lithium Iron Phosphate prismatic cell capable of supporting a number of anticipated Navy high power applications.
Sa 2380 Adv With Luminous Retro Reflective Strips Yellow Of Micro Prismatic Grade, The Sheet Of The Goods Warning Board Shall Be Of Aluminium Not Less Than 03Mm Thick The Sheet Should Be Single Piece.
com)-- Cerakote[R] Ceramic Coatings and Prismatic Powders[R] are proud to announce a new distributor partnership with Suzutomo Co.
It plans to equip its EV and Plug-in Hybrid electric Vehicles with prismatic battery cells at its Xi'an plant, the construction of which is scheduled for completion toward the end of the year.
Perry, who is visiting Australia for her Prismatic World Tour, lashed out at the Australian media this week for allegedly harassing and stalking her as she was trying to enjoy a stroll on a beach.
LONDON and NEW YORK, June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Having completed the first European leg of her Prismatic World Tour and now starting dates throughout North America, Katy Perry invites her audiences into a visually stunning concert experience.
Bad acid house outfits aside, Katy Perry made sure the first night of her Prismatic tour was a colourful one, with a literal catsuit, an Egyptian-themed look - complete with horse, for Dark Horse - and some hippy chic.
In the further will consider kinematic chain which consist only from revolute (R) and prismatic (P) joints to ease the task.
Both TDDs had complex collectors with partially prismatic or frosted sections on their glazing surfaces.
However, with the news reading app called Prismatic, the users are provided with specific news based on users' interests and behaviour.
The brand is the latest installment in Ninkasi's Prismatic Lager Series, and this marks the first time Sterling Pils will be available in both bottles and on draft throughout all of its distribution areas.
For statically determinate prismatic beams, except in particular cases, a closed form solution is often available for influence lines [34].